Technical Support

Often times customers believe their TV or remote is defective when the problem is something else. Please try the following:

1) Make sure you have inserted brand new batteries into your remote control, reusing old batteries will sometimes fail to properly power your remote. Also, sometimes new batteries are dead before they are even used, so try at least one other pair.

2) Make sure the batteries are inserted in the correct direction.

3) It is possible your remote needs to be reset, simply follow the guide in this video.

4) If your remote is still not working it is possible the problem is your TV sensor and not the remote, follow this video for an easy way to determine if it is the remote or your TV that is defective.

5) If you ordered a Sony remote and are unable to open the battery compartment, watch this video for instructions.

6) If you need instructions on how to work your remote or TV, most have owner's manuals online. They can be found by searching your TV model # (which can usually be found on the back of your TV) followed by "Owner's Manual". For example if you have a Vizio m502ib1 TV and needed instructions on that TV or the remote that goes with it, you would search "m502ib1 Owner's Manual".

7) For issues related to pairing/registering remote or voice command please click your remote model below. If you don't see your remote please fill out the support form at the bottom of the page.

Samsung Voice Remotes pairing and registering troubleshooting

AN-MR21GA, AN-MR20GA, AN-MR21GA, AN-MR21GN, AN-MR22GA, AN-MR22GN LG Magic Remote pairing and registering troubleshooting

Sony remotes voice command troubleshooting

8) For issues related to charging your Samsung solar remote Click Here

If you are still having technical difficulties, please fill out the form below and a support technician will research your problem and reach out to you via email as soon as possible. Please hold off on additional calls or emails about the same issue during this time period.