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Samsung LED UN55F7450 Series Smart TV

Welcome to a review of the Samsung LED F7450 Series Smart TV. Setting up this TV is very easy. This television runs off of LED technology which means start up and changing channel time is almost instantaneous. Having 4 HDMI ports leaves much room to connect various devices to your TV to enhance your viewing experience.


This series is on the higher end, price wise, but you will not be disappointed. Being a Smart TV, browsing the internet is a much sought after feature and this TV delivers. Apps such as Youtube, Skype, Netflix, Amazon, and more can all be accessed at a pretty quick load time. The remote control part number for this series is AA59-00758A. This remote has a sensitive touchpad that can be used to navigate your television menu. While this may be an interesting new feature, the general consensus is that it would be a lot simpler to just stick with the standard four arrows and a select button.


The F7450 has received a lot of good feedback since its release and critics are well within reason. With everything you could possibly need in a TV, all brought to you with stunning picture quality, this TV is one of the best on the market.

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