• 1080p High definition resolution
• Built-in WiFi and Ethernet
• Built-in apps
• 3 HDMI inputs
• 2 USB ports
• Parental control
• Digital noise reduction
• Smart remote control


RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Hisense H5 Smart HDTV Series. The Hisense H5 HDTV series has all the newest technology and features for the modern day shopper, at remarkably low prices. All the TVs are thin, streamlined, and stylish to fit in with any decor. 3 HDMI inputs give you the means to connect a blu-ray player, cable/satellite box, gaming console, and more. 2 USB ports provide you the flexibility to enjoy not only photos or music, but also HD movie files directly into your TV via USB. Access to the internet is easy and a web browser is a key feature. You will have access to Pandora, Netflix, YouTube, Face book, Twitter, and the Opera app. store, to name a few.

The part number for the remote control is EN-33926A. The remote has a user friendly layout and is very easy to use.

This series boasts 1080p high definition resolution and it won’t let you down. The picture quality is superb with sharp, clear images, vibrant, stand out colors and a realism that will make you feel like you are one with the picture. The only difference between the 3 models is that the only model with a 120Hz refresh rate is the largest of the 3 in the series, the 50 inch screen TV. The other 2 models, the 40 inch and the 48 inch screen TVs both have 60Hz. Each model has 2, 10 watt speakers, and while the sound is ok, as is customary with most thin, flat panel TVs, most users prefer to add a soundbar or receiver to create a true home theater system to enjoy movie viewing at its finest. With the parental control feature, parents can easily set up the programming their kids can view and block anything that is not made for young viewers. This series has much to offer and delivers on the most important element, a pristine, clear picture.

• Low price
• 1080p high definition resolution
• Built-in WiFi
• 3 HDMI inputs

• Sound quality is OK, not the best

• 40H5
• 48H5
• 50H5G

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