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Westinghouse EW32S5UW 720p LED HDTV


• High definition resolution
• 100,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio
• Slim, lightweight design
• PC connection
• Sleep timer
• Energy efficient


RATING: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Westinghouse EW32S5UW LED HDTV. What draws most customers to this model is by far the low price of the set. They are very pleased with the amazing quality this model delivers for the price. The screen is a nice size and easy to mount and set-up due to its light weight. This model unfortunately has only 2 HDMI inputs but is enough for the average user. A blu-ray, sound system, or game console can be attached. Features and connections are basic but this set was made with simplicity in mind. There is no internet connectivity nor is the set capable of 3D. The resolution is 720p, as opposed to 1080p, however the difference is not easily visible unless you are really close to the TV. The 176 degree wide vertical and horizontal angles allow easy viewing from anywhere in the room. The picture quality provides beautiful color and contrast and crisp, clear images. The complaint most noted by customers is that in order to activate the digital tuner, one must place a phone call to Westinghouse to get a code. While this can be bothersome, it should not deter you from purchasing this model that not only saves you money but delivers a suprisingly excellent theater-like viewing experience.

The part number for the remote control that accompanies this set is RMT-22. The remote is easy to use and navigate.

As with many flat screen TVs on the market today, sometimes sound quality is not the best due to the slim design of the unit. This does not need to be a problem. By attaching a sound bar, speakers or a good quality sound system, you can achieve excellent sound quality, thus enjoying your TV to the fullest. Together with the excellent picture quality, all you need to feel like you’re at the movie theater is a big bowl of popcorn.

• Great price
• Easy to set-up and mount
• Wide viewing angles

• Average sound quality
• Only 2 HDMI inputs
• Need code from Westinghouse to activate tuner

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Sony BDV-E3100 3D Blu-ray Home Theater System with Wi-Fi


• 5.1 Channel HD surround sound
• 1000 watts
• 3D conversion & DVD HD upscaling
• Built-in Wifi
• Bluetooth
• I/P noise reduction
• Internet connection


RATING: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Sony BDV-E3100 3D Blu-ray Home Theater System with Wi-Fi. If you want to create a theater-like ambiance while watching TV, then this Sony Home theater Blu-Ray system is just right for you. With 1000 watts of power, you will feel like you are at the theater as you are immersed in surround sound. This system is WiFi enabled thus allowing you to access the newest hit movies, games, music and more from your computer right to your TV and it allows for easy connection to the internet without using cables. This system includes 5+ subwoofers with Dolby True HD to further enhance the sounds projecting from the speakers. Using the free Sony TV Side View app, you can view your videos, pictures and music on your TV from your tablet. You can also control the Blu-Ray remotely with a Sony Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Ipadtouch, or Android.

The part number for the remote control that accompanies this home theater system is RM-ADP089. Some users have stated that they wish it had backlighting so it would be easier to use at night.

With this system you can convert 2D Blu-ray and DVDs into 3D movies to provide you with a spectacular viewing experience. You can also view your own videos and photos or listen to your choice of music by simply connecting your USB storage device to the Blu-ray player’s USB port located at the front. The receiver is equipped with bluetooth technology so that you can connect and stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. For those that like to multitask while watching TV, using the Socialize application, you can chat with your friends on Facebook and Twitter via your TV. With all these great features and the low price, this would be a great addition for your entertainment needs.

• Inexpensive
• Easy to use controls
• Crisp sound quality
• Internet enabled features
• Lots of extras with the Blu-ray player

• No settings to adjust the Treble and Bass
• No HDMI input from other devices

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• 1080p high resolution
• 3D noise reduction
• 178 degree vertical and horizontal angles
• 3 HDMI inputs
• PC connection
• Sleep timer
• Parental control
• Energy efficient


4.2 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Westinghouse VR-4090 LCD HDTV. If you are looking to purchase a large screen TV, with standard features but high resolution picture quality, at a bargain price, then this is the model for you. The set-up is easy and mounting on the wall can be done by one person due to its light weight and slim design. When you watch movies, sporting events or play games, you will be very satisfied with the depth of colors and clarity that this model delivers. For all parents out there who want to monitor what their children watch, a parental control feature is part of the menu and you can set your preferences with ease and know that your children will not be able to watch any movies or shows not designed for their young minds. The sleep timer is a great feature for those who fall asleep while watching TV. Once set up, the TV will turn itself off at the designated time that you set. If you are looking to use this model as a monitor, you can connect your computer using one of the HDMI inputs. For the low price, this TV has all the basic features you need and will deliver an excellent viewing experience you deserve.

The remote control for this model is a standard model RMT-18. One drawback is that the remote codes from some cable companies do not work with this TV. This often means that two remotes are necessary.

The sound quality has been said to be average. For many who are not particular about having excellent sound it is adequate. Many people however prefer to experience watching movies or playing video games with excellent sound quality. To resolve this issue, a sound bar, speakers or a good quality sound system can easily be attached to provide the enhanced, high quality sound needed to get that theater-like experience.

• Clarity, depth of color and brilliant picture quality
• 3 HDMI inputs
• Parental control
• Bargain price


• Average sound quality

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Samsung UN46F7500 46-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV


• 1080p HDTV with Micro Dimming: Best picture quality
• 240Hz Refresh Rate: Best for general viewing, video games, action movies, and sports
• Smart TV with Gesture Controls and a Built in Camera: Interact with streaming content and the web and a Smart Touch remote.
• Thin LED Design TV


RATING: 4.3/5

Welcome to a review of the Samsung UN46F7500 46-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV. This model features its 3D capabilities along with its many “smart” uses such as its built in camera and built in WiFi connectivity. This model presents lots of uses with its smart and 3D capabilities such as its 2D to 3D conversion which is actually useable in contrast to similar models on the market. This, coupled with its vast array of free application content, gives this particular model an edge from the start using the Smart touch remote, AA59-00758A.

You will find great sound and video quality to match its promised features making for an all-around enjoyable model. It even displays one of the better gaming modes that some have seen to date, which can be a serious plus for those looking to do their fair share of gaming on this TV. All in all this TV is solid and holds up well in terms of value and it is recommended most for those looking for a gaming TV, as that is where this model seems to shine the most.

• Great sound and video quality
• Useful “game mode”
• Lots of free app content
• 3d is fantastic and 2d to 3d conversion is actually usable

• Controls feel incomplete
• Poor angle viewing

• UN46F7500
• UN55F7500
• UN60F7500

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• Fully discrete power amplifiers for all 5 channels (165 w x 5 ch)
• 4 x HDMI in / 1 x HDMI out lets you connect your HDMI-equipped devices with a single cable.
• Graphic user interface
• 3D pass through technology; enjoy 3D video entertainment with dynamic surround sound
• Front panel HDMI input provides an easy connection for quick hookup and playback of your HDMI-equipped portable devices


RATING: 4.2/5

Welcome to a review of the DENON AVR-E200 5.1 HOME THEATER RECIEVER. Per Denon, experience thrilling 5.1 channel surround sound along with easy setup and ease of use with the AVR-E200 A/V receiver. It is equipped with the latest Dolby and DTS high definition surround sound decoding that lets you enjoy the ultimate surround sound experience with your favorite DVD and Blu-ray movies and concerts. The on screen display combines clear text and easy to understand graphics, making setup a breeze and provides easy day-to-day operation. You will also receive an easy to use remote control, part number RC-1181, that will get you through the setup process with ease.

In comparison to an older Sony 60W A/V, the AVR-E200 has 165W max per channel and the power comes through so that you can really hear and feel the difference. When paired with a pair of 100W speakers and in a decent sized room, this receiver really fills the room with music.

The features are actually pretty standard for current receivers: 5.1, Dolby and DTS. Consumers like the ports or inputs. The AVR-E200 has 4 HDMI inputs for cable/SAT, Blu-ray, game and aux. Three are in the back and one in the front of the receiver. It also has a 3.5mm audio input in the front for any audio source you choose. The speaker connectors are fairly basic and there is a port for a sub-woofer pre-out.

All in all, it’s a very nice basic receiver and holds up to Denon’s reputation of producing great audio systems. Essentially this model is one of the better buys you will find in its price range presenting overall great value.

• Sound quality
• Value
• Easy to set up


• Basic features

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