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• Surround sound decoders
• 5 acoustically matched Boston Acoustics speakers
• Discrete power amplifier
• Front stereo mini jack
• 4 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output
• Built-in power tuner
• Graphical user interface



Welcome to a review of the DENON DHT-1513BA HOME THEATER SYSTEM. The strength of this system is definitely the sound quality. The Boston acoustic speakers sound clear and pleasant even at low volumes. With these acoustic speakers the highs are clear and the bass is full and strong. It really stands out, and the mids & vocals really shine as well.

The AVR-1513 AV surround receiver adds to the sound make up as well. The audio delay adjustment is located on the remote control, part number RC-1170. When you are watching TV and vocals are slightly off, you can adjust it easily and directly without pausing the movie.

The DHT-1513BA definitely doesn’t have tons of extra features but it produces great sound. It is equipped with a 100W Boston Acoustics active subwoofer with an 8″ driver for enhanced bass response. The compressed audio restorer offers enhanced sound for content stored on your Apple iPod or iPhone. Discrete circuitry delivers powerful surround sound for 3D movies. The speaker system includes two front satellite speakers, two surround satellite speakers, a center speaker, and a powerful, compact subwoofer. This sound system is solid home theater system and for the price, an excellent purchase.

• Sound quality
• Easy to use controls
• Price/value

• Not a lot of features

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Onkyo HT-S5600 7.1-Channel Home Theater System


• 1030 watts total sound with a powerful 10-inch 120W Powered Subwoofer
• 4in/1out HDMI Supporting 3D Video and Audio Return Channel
• Front-panel USB port for connection of iPod/iPhone
• Audyssey Technologies
• Dolby Pro Logic IIz
• Music optimizer
• Automatic speaker calibration
• Bluetooth streaming ready


RATING: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Onkyo HT-S5600 7.1-Channel Home Theater System. This home theater system from Onkyo is modestly priced but equipped to give you maximum performance for the money. The set-up is quick and easy and comes with a microphone to help you calibrate your speakers to maximize their sound potential. Equipped with 4 HDMI inputs, you can easily connect your equipment; a blu-ray player, gaming console, satellite/cable box, PC/Laptop, and more. The front panel houses a USB port for iPod/iPhone, flash drive, or PC connection, allowing you to stream your music and videos to enjoy with high-end sound and picture quality.

The remote control part number is RC-863M. The remote control’s buttons are easy to read and navigate. A couple of features on the remote which are very useful are: the Quick Set-Up button which places menus over the program you’re watching to switch inputs or change a setting without interrupting your program and the home menu button, which brings up simple icons for choosing a media source and menus for system settings.

The Audyssey Technology that comes with this system helps to maintain consistent surround sound effects at different volume levels and automatically compensates for volume fluctuations such as commercial breaks. This system is bluetooth ready, once you connect the correct adapter, therefore allowing you another option to stream your music and videos. With 1030 watts of power and a 120 watt subwoofer, the HT-S5600 system can easily accommodate a large room and provide a magnificent surround sound experience for you and your family. The wattage, paired with the Audyssey Technology and music optimizer, will deliver sound with clarity, depth and bass that will bring the house down. For the moderate price tag, if you are looking for excellence in surround sound, look no further than the HT-S5600.

• Moderate price
• Interfaces well with TV
• 4in/1out HDMI ports
• Bluetooth ready


• Poor quality wiring
• Manual on CD rather than in printed form

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HAIER LEF2280 Series 1080p 120Hz Slim LED HDTV

• Integrated ATSC /NTSC /QAM tuners
• Energy Star 5.3; RoHS compliant
• Multiple A/V inputs, including 2 HDMI and 1 USB port
• Music and photo file playback via USB port
• Headphone jack and coaxial output

REMOTE: 504Q4605101

RATING: 2.8/5

Welcome to a review of the HAIER LEF2280 LED HDTV SERIES. This models external design is characterized by a glossy black finish, rounded corners and a swiveling pedestal stand. In all, it has been stated that the look is attractive with its sleek design. The picture quality of this series would be OK for an entry-level set if not for its lack of uniformity. Unfortunately it does suffer from these issues, such as brighter areas in certain parts of the screen and discoloration in others, which cause it to get a fairly large knock in terms of overall picture quality and performance.

The LE55B1381 has two component inputs and 3 HDMI inputs which provide a simple solution for high quality audio and video input. The USB input can be used for video, audio and digital pictures.
The feature set on this TV is about as bare as it comes, but for the price range it is satisfactory. The remote control that comes with this series is the 504Q460510 which will operate all the normal functions for your TV.

Although the TV has some decent points to it, the serious uniformity flaws make it difficult for the buyer on the hunt, especially with many other competitor options out there.

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• Price
• 3 HDMI ports
• Nice external design

• Uniformity issues
• Picture quality

F2280 SERIES 1080p/60Hz LED HDTV
• LE46F2280
• LE50F2280

Samsung LED F6300 Series Smart TV

• 1080p HDTV
• 120Hz Refresh Rate
• Smart TV: Interact with streaming content and the web
• 4 HDMI ports

REMOTE: AA59-00784A

RATING: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Samsung LED F6300 Series Smart TV. The LED technology brings you higher picture contrast and with the 120 Hz refresh rate, you can be certain that you will have an outstanding picture for better viewing and playing games. While the TV can be mounted on a wall, the setup comes with a detachable swivel stand that can be rotated to the viewing angle of your preference. This TV also has a thin bezel of a frame that gives the appearance of a larger and more in depth picture.

The Smart remote control part number that comes with this series is the AA59-00784A. This illuminated remote control will suit every basic need in a remote and more, with the Smart hub function button.

The smart aspect to the TV is one of the most featured items about this TV. With built in Wi-Fi and a dual-core processor, web browsing and app multitasking sites such as Netflix, Amazon, Skype, and more become a breeze. Another feature you can take advantage of is the ability to download a free Android app to your smartphone or tablet to make that device a remote control.

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• 4 HDMI ports
• Built in Wi-Fi
• Thin bezel for a frame

• Odd looking stand
• Takes time to switch modes. (ex. Movie to Gaming)

• UN32F6300
• UN40F6300
• UN46F6300
• UN50F6300
• UN55F6300
• UN60F6300
• UN65F6300