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Sony BDP-SX910 9″ Portable Blu-ray Disc Player


• Full HD 1080p picture quality
• 9 inch swivel screen
• 4.5 hours viewing time with one charge
• Multiple format disc playback
• USB input
• Portable
• Car adapter


RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Sony Portable Blu-ray Disc Player. This portable disc player features full HD 1080p quality with the capability of upscaling images and picture quality of DVDs. It is easy to use and lightweight. The menu options are many and easy to navigate. Equipped with a USB port, you can view your favorite videos, and pictures and listen to your favorite music. The swivel screen gives you the option to view the screen at different angles. This player would be a welcome addition to your car for a long road trip as it would keep family members entertained for hours. A car adapter is included in the box which will allow you to use your Blu-ray for hours without pause during the long trip. When the battery on the player is running low, there is a flashing light alerting you that there are approximately 20 minutes remaining before the player needs to be charged again.

The remote control that comes with this player is part# RMT-B113A.

One gripe about this player is that the touch sensitive buttons on the front panel would be much easier to use, especially at night, if they were equipped with backlighting. Some have said that the volume is good but could be better. However, others have remarked that for its size, the volume is amazingly good. One particular feature that many enjoy is the fact that if you place your movie in pause mode for a long time, or the player is turned off, when you power back on, it takes you right back to the place where you left off. This DVD is pricey, but the picture quality together with its portability are worth every penny.

• Excellent picture and sound quality
• Swivel screen
• Long battery life
• Portability

• Expensive
• No Wi-Fi
• No backlighting for the buttons on the front panel

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Denon AVR-X3000 7.2-Channel Home Theater Receiver with Apple AirPlay

• 7-channel amplifier
• 105 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.08% THD, with 2 channels driven
• Dolby and DTS surround sound decoding, including Dolby Pro Logic IIz and DTS Neo:X
• Analog-to-HDMI video upconversion up to 1080p and 4K
• Audyssey Laboratories’ MultEQ XT six-point auto setup and room calibration system (microphone included)
• Audyssey Dynamic Volume mode to keep listening levels steady
• Audyssey Dynamic EQ for fuller sound at lower listening levels



Welcome to a review of Denon’s AVR-X3000 7.2 Channel Home Theater Receiver. This is a pretty exceptional home theater receiver although not problem free. This device is a touch trickier to set up then one would like but with a little experience with these devices it shouldn’t be an issue. The front panel is very clean looking, not a lot of buttons and knobs. This makes it very easy to manually select your input device.

The remote control that comes with the AVR-X3000 is part number, RC-1184. The RC-1184 remote control will get you through the setup process and is easy to navigate.

Connect the AVR-X3000 to your home network and open up a whole new world of listening enjoyment. You can enjoy music and audio programs from a vast range of internet radio stations, as well as enjoying music from streaming services including SiriusXM, Spotify and Pandora, but subscriptions are required.

The AVR-X3000 output sound is exceptional. The 5.1 speakers are loud and clear and there is plenty of power behind them. One last thing to note, the unit is also not very energy efficient. There appears to be no way to power it down completely without unplugging it, which causes it to lose the setup configuration data.

Overall this is a superb unit and has a lot of versatility. Though it is not perfect it does have a lot of great features.

• Sound
• Exterior design
• Easy to use

• Little tricky to set up
• Energy inefficient
• No wifi connectivity

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HAIER LE29F2320 720p 60Hz LED HDTV

• Thin frame
• 720p 60Hz
• Auto Volume Leveler
• LED backlit
• PC Input
• RoHS compliant
• Multiple A/V inputs, including 2 HDMI and 1 USB port
• Music and photo file playback via USB port

REMOTE: 511Q2901M01


Welcome to a review of the Haier LE29F2320 LED HDTV. This series boasts an Ultra-slim, stylish and advanced style and design. It offers 720p HD resolution, and 60Hz refresh rate. This TV has fairly decent sound quality for a TV of its price range. The 2 HDMI inputs allow you to connect HDMI compatible devices such as a Blu-ray, Gaming console or cable box. This model also has a USB port for your convenience, to enjoy photos and to listen to your favorite music.

The picture quality on this device has noticeable strong and weak points. The coloring and detail are very nice but it is the side viewing angles that seem to be an issue. This model has a nice general feel to it and is easily navigable with use of the remote control, part number 511Q2901M01. This fully functional remote will help you navigate through all the features and menu options with ease.

It appears that this series is a fairly sound buy for its cost and is easy to recommend to a consumer looking for a reasonably priced TV of this caliber.

• Picture color and detail
• Nice appearance
• Easy to control
• Sound quality

• Side angle viewing
• Some frame rate issues

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• 4K 3840 x 2160 Resolution
• In-Plane Switching Display
• TruMotion 240Hz
• Smart TV with Web Browser
• Built-in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
• 2D to 3D Conversion
• 4 Pairs of 3D Glasses
• Motion Detection Remote
• 34W 2.1 Channel Speakers
• Energy Star

REMOTE: AKB73757502


Welcome to a review of LG’s LA9600 Series, Ultra High Definition, 4K Resolution, Smart LED TV. The LG LA9650 series is an IPS LED television that has a 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 and built-in streaming services. With the LG Tru-Ultra HD video processing engine, lower resolution sources are scaled to 4K resolution. This series also incorporates TruMotion 240Hz technology, which reduces distortion on fast-moving images. As a Smart TV, this LA9600 features built-in Wi-Fi, so you can stream music and video content from LG’s app-based web-interface.

This 4K series comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses and can convert content back and forth between 2D and 3D. This TV also comes with a motion detecting remote control, part number AKB73757502, which simplifies navigation and web-browsing.

For connecting multiple high-definition sources, this series is equipped with 1 component video input and 3 HDMI inputs. This series also has two built-in speakers and a subwoofer for a combined 34 watts of audio power, but you do have the option of utilizing the TV’s optical output for connecting to a higher power audio system. This television is also energy star compliant and is designed to keep power consumption to a minimum. This series is relatively new and made to please.

• 4K Resolution
• Ultra High Def
• Built-in WiFi
• Magic Motion remote

• 55LA9650
• 65LA9650

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Westinghouse EW40T4FW 120hz 1080p LED HDTV


• 1080p Resolution
• 120 hz Refresh rate
• 100,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio
• 178 degree horizontal and vertical angles
• 3 HDMI Inputs
• PC Connectivity
• Energy efficient


RATING: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Westinghouse EW40T4FW LED HDTV. Its slim, attractive design fits in with any decor and is easy to mount or place on a stand because of its light weight. The brushed aluminum look around the screen is very eye catching and cosmetically pleasing. This model’s set-up is a breeze and the menu is easy to navigate and adjust. With 3 HDMI inputs, a blu-ray, game console, speakers or sound system can be attached to customize the set to accommodate your needs. The 1080p resolution will give you a crystal clear picture with brilliant, vivid colors to maximize your theater-like experience. With its wide vertical and horizontal angles, one can sit anywhere in the room and watch TV with no problem. If you would like to use the TV screen as a monitor, you can easily attach a computer. The large size screen size of this model together with its clear, crisp images truly make this a bargain you don’t want to miss.

The remote control that comes with this model is the RMT-16.

The sound quality, because of its thin, flat design, is not of the finest quality. For the average person who is not concerned with top-of-the-line sound, it is adequate. However, there are many people who enjoy the theater-like experience with high quality or surround sound. To achieve this is easy, simply attach speakers, a sound bar or good quality sound system to your TV set and you will be ready to sit back and watch your favorite movies, sporting events or play games on a TV that, for the inexpensive price, will surely put a smile on your face.

• Low price
• Excellent picture quality
• 3 HDMI inputs
• Slim, attractive design

• Average sound quality

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Sanyo DP55D33 55″ 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV


• 55 inch Led panel
• 1080p High definition resolution
• 120 Hz refresh rate
• Roku ready
• 3 HDMI ports
• Wide viewing angles
• Coaxial digital audio output
• USB port


RATING: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Sanyo DP55D33 55 inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV. This 55 inch large screen TV sells at an amazingly low price, and although not a Smart TV, has all the features needed to enjoy TV viewing to the fullest. Set up and installation are easy, with the option to either place on the included stand or mount on the wall. Its simple lines and contemporary style make it suitable for today’s modern decor. Connecting a blu-ray player, gaming console, cable/satellite box, or other HDMI device is effortless with the 3 HDMI ports, 2 located on the back and one on the side. To stream your favorite music or view pictures, a USB port is located on the side. To enhance and maximize your options, Roku can be connected, thus offering hundreds of channels and more for your viewing pleasure.

The remote control part number is GXHA. The remote control is simple and easy to use but does not have backlighting therefore making it difficult to use at night.

Heighten your game playing experience with 120Hz, which will provide almost no motion blur while playing games with high speed action. With 1080p high definition resolution, picture quality is enhanced dramatically with crystal clear images and bright, vivid colors that will make you feel like you are filming behind the camera instead of watching TV. Wide viewing angles further increase your seating options by allowing you to view the screen at almost any location in the room. The 2 speakers, with 7 watts each, while adequate for most users, can be improved greatly by connecting a soundbar or home entertainment system to provide you with an all around movie theater experience. The parental control feature will allow you to allocate the types of programming you allow your kids to watch and block material for mature audiences only. The DP55D33 offers an array of features for your home entertainment needs and a sticker price that won’t break the bank and is therefore a good investment for years to come.

• 55 inch Led panel
• 1080p High definition resolution
• Roku ready
• 120Hz refresh rate

• No WiFi, not a Smart TV
• No backlighting on the remote

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