• Wide screen 16:9 Aspect Ratio
• Native Panel Resolution: 1920 x 1080pixels
• Wide Viewing Angles:178 H x 178 V Degrees
• Two 6 x 12 cm speakers: 7 watts/ch
• V-Guide Parental Control
• Trilingual Menus: English, Spanish, French
• 2 HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) inputs (HDMI 1 DVI compatible)
• 1 USB input ( with Photo Viewer for digital jpeg photos)


RATING: 3.8 out of 5

Welcome to a review of Sanyo’s FVE3963 1080p 60Hz LED-LCD HDTV. SANYO’S FVE3963 is supported with integrated ATSC Digital and a NTSC Analog Tuner, which is the latest technology for the digital age. The fully functional remote control that supports the FVE3963 is GXFA and will help you navigate through all the features and menu options that are available.

Having a full array of HDMI, Component Audio/Video, Composite Audio/Video and RF inputs, you have plenty of options for DVD, VCR, Cable, Satellite and external antenna hookups. A coaxial digital audio output allows hookup to a home entertainment receiver amplifier system for theater like sound. The USB input and Photo Viewer feature allows display of your digital camera photos. With a thin space saving design and small footprint, it can be positioned anywhere. The detachable stand base allows it to be wall mounted with an optional wall mount kit which is not included.

This model looks nice and boasts a glossy black finish as it blends into the background when the lights are dimmed while watching your favorite movies, sports or favorite programs in your den or living room. This makes for a great and cozy viewing experience.

• 1080p
• 60Hz
• Wide viewing angles

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Samsung LED FH6030F Series 2D/3D

• Stunning Full HD 1080p in both 2D and 3D
• CMR of 240 for Smooth Motion Performance
• Wide Color Enhancer Plus
• Energy Star Certified
• 2 HDMI and 1 USB ports

REMOTE: AA59-00601A

RATING: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Samsung LED FH6030 Series 2D/3D. This 1080p HDTV provides excellent picture quality, with a 120 Hz refresh rate which is better for general viewing. Also offered is the 3D Cinema experience. This 3D TV is a great choice for those who are less interested in the internet features and apps of a Smart TV and more concerned with picture quality. Since this series is not a smart TV, the price is more affordable. Those who wish to connect their laptops, Xbox, or PlayStation to the TV for streaming purposes have found this TV more economical as the consensus of these users say the Smart aspect of the TV would not really be put to use.

The remote control part number for this series is the AA59-00601A. This illuminated remote control will provide every basic function that a remote needs for a TV.

The sound quality of this series is not as great as it could be, but has definitely been recommended that investing in a sound bar would help enhance your entertainment experience. Although not a Smart TV, the FH6030F series makes up for it in picture quality and is affordable – definitely worth looking into purchasing.

• 3-D
• Cheaper than Smart TV’s
• Excellent picture

• Sound quality is not the best
• Off angle viewing is limited

• UN40FH6030F
• UN46FH6030F
• UN55FH6030F

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SANYO DP55441 55″ Class 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

• 54.6″ Diagonal 120Hz Full HD 1080p LCD
• Wide screen 16:9 Aspect Ratio
• Wide Viewing Angles:178 H x 178 V Degrees
• Receives ATSC signal formats (including 480i/p, 720p and 1080i/p) converted to 1080p display
• 3D Y/C Digital Comb Filter
• MTS/SAP Stereo & Digital Audio
• Two 10w/ch speakers
• V-Guide Parental Control
• 3 HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) input (2 Rear, 1 Side)
• 2 HD Component (Y-Pb-Pr with R/L audio) inputs ( Rear, 1 Combo Composite)
• 1 Composite AV Inputs (V,L/R; Side)
• 1 USB input with Photo Viewer (Side)


RATING: 4.1/5.0

Welcome to a review of Sanyo’s DP55441, 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV. The Sanyo DP55441 HD LCD TV offers widescreen viewing capabilities with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Many features are available on this Sanyo 55-inch 1080p TV, including V-Guide parental control, a sleep timer, trilingual menus, and ENERGY STAR compliance. Energy-saving technologies such as an ECO remote key, dimmer, and light sensor are integrated into the technological make-up of this television as well.

The fully functional remote that comes with this model is part number CS-90283T. This remote will let you navigate with ease through all the features and menu options.

Some of the technical details for the Sanyo DP55441 HD LCD TV consist of three HDMI inputs, PC and Mac compatibility, a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and wide viewing angles. Furthermore, the versatility of this Sanyo 55-inch 1080p TV allows the user a multitude of options for additional components such as online gaming, video camera inputs, DVD players, home theater systems, and digital cameras.

The design features a thin body style, so it takes up minimal space and allows for wall mounting. Overall, the DP55441 is worth looking into.

• Value
• Easy to operate
• 1080p 120Hz

• May stop working after 1 year warranty

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Samsung PN64H5000AF – 64″ Class Plasma – 1080p – 600Hz – HDTV

• Full HD 1080p Plasma TV
• Clear Image Panel
• 600Hz Subfield Motion
• Wide Color Enhancer Plus
• 2 HDMI
• Dual Built-In 10W Speakers


RATING: 4.5 out of 5

Welcome to a review of Samsung’s Plasma PN64H5000AF, 1080p, 600Hz HDTV. Samsung’s Plasma PN64H5000AF is designed to deliver an immersive viewing experience. This plasma 64” features a 1080p resolution with a 600Hz subfield motion. With a 600Hz Subfield motion, distortion on fast action films or sporting events is kept to a minimum.

This model also incorporates Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology for vivid and life-like color reproduction. An Eco Sensor is also built-in for automatic backlight adjustment based on your viewing environment. Plus, this model has dual HDMI interfaces and a component video input for connecting to additional sources.

The Samsung PN64H5000AF model includes a standard supporting remote control, part number BN59-01177A. This remote has a “light” button which turns the remote control light on or off. When the light is on, the buttons become illuminated for a moment when pressed. Great for when you are watching TV in the dark.

This Samsung is all about picture quality and giving you the most for your view experience. With full 1080p HD, Wide Color Enhancer plus technology, Eco Sensor and 600Hz subfield motion and many more picture support features, Samsung is bringing the best picture to your home.

• 1080p HD resolution
• 600Hz Subfield Motion
• Wide Color Enhancer
• ECO Sensor

• No Smart features
• No 3D

• PN64H5000AFXZA

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Sharp LC-60LE452 60-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED TV

• 3 HDMI
• 1 USB
• 1 PC input
• ENERGY STAR qualified


RATING: 4.0 out of 5.0

Welcome to a review of Sharp’s LC-60LE452U, 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV. The LC-60LE452U TV features the AQUOS 1080p LED Display for breathtaking images and a 3 million: 1 dynamic contrast ratio. This model features a FULL HD 60” Display for outstanding visuals, as well as a 120Hz refresh rate for blur-free motion. This AQUOS TV delivers clear picture quality and is housed in a beautiful, slim bezel which makes this a nice look for anyone’s living room.

You will experience brilliant, clear images on the large LED HD screen with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and AQUOS motion enhancement. Enjoy incredibly precise clarity during fast-motion scenes, whether you’re watching a high-octane action movie or the big game.

Enjoy navigating through all the features and adjusting your TV to your own specifications using the fully functional remote control, part number NQP84504503B02. Plus, hook up to all your peripheral devices with the convenience of 3 HDMI ports and view your personal content using the USB media port.

Basic LED HDTV yes – but average model – NO. This 60” is about picture quality and immersing you and your family into the picture itself. Consumers are bragging about the picture quality and stating this is a great TV with an affordable price. The sound quality could use some help, nothing that an added soundbar couldn’t fix to make your viewing exceptional.

• 1080p 120hz
• Great picture quality
• 3 HDMI
• Price

• Getting 120hz through setup is challenging
• Only one size
• Not a Smart TV
• Sound

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Westinghouse EW32S3PW 720p 60Hz LED HDTV


• 720p high definition resolution
• 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
• Slim, modern design
• 3D noise reduction
• 2 HDMI inputs
• Energy efficient
• PC connection


RATING: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Westinghouse EW32S3PW 720p 60Hz LED HDTV. The EW32S3PW has a sleek, modern look that is lightweight and easy to set-up, either on the wall or on a stand. It delivers a clear, vivid picture with brilliant colors but it has been noted that if a scene is dark, lots of light bleeds can be seen around the edges. This is not a major issue though since it is simply a notable glitch which doesn’t disturb the overall picture quality

This 32” has a port for a computer hook-up to use your TV screen as a monitor. The 2 HDMI inputs are tight and close together which sometimes makes it difficult to attach the proper cables. One of the biggest problems with this model, per consumer statements, is longevity and reliability issues. Some models that are sold are simply not manufactured properly and break down after minimal use. If you truly want to get in on the bargain price, it is probably best to buy a warranty with the store where you make the purchase.

The remote control that comes with this model is the RMT-17. This is a fully functional remote control that will help make the setup process easy.

The sound quality is average, as it is with many slim, flat screen TVs. Some consumers have noticed a slight buzzing background noise when the volume is turned down low. Others have complained that there is an echo and sometimes it sounds like you’re in a tunnel. To enhance the sound quality, you can attach a sound bar, speakers or a sound system. Once this is done, the sound quality will be greatly improved and you can enjoy your new TV with its enhanced sound and the high resolution, crystal clear picture.

• Bright, vibrant colors and crystal clear picture quality
• Slim, modern design
• Easy set-up
• PC connectivity

• Average sound quality
• Longevity and reliability

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• 60 Hz Refresh Rate
• Dynamic Contrast Ratio
• Enhanced Color Imaging
• Narrow Frame
• Energy Star
• 3 HDMI Input
• 1080p


RATING: 3.0/5.0

Welcome to a review of Hisense’s K360M Series, 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV. This series comes in two sizes, a 40” and 46” Class The K360M series brings you exceptionally vibrant and true-to-life images delivered just as the director imagined. With 1080p full high definition resolution and 60Hz refresh rate, the images are so life-like, it feels like you are actually there. The 1,080 horizontal lines create stunning details and crystal-clear, vibrant colors to create a brilliantly realistic picture. Ultra Dynamic Contrast will allow you to obtain a high contrast ratio, giving you “blacker” blacks and brighter colors.

Connect your mobile device to start Multi Screening with your TV. Display pictures, movies or access Apps from your smartphone and display it all on your big screen. Get the guided help from the fully functional remote control that comes with the K360M series, part number EN-22653A.

Overall, this is still considered a budget HDTV and there has been some discontent from consumers on the quality of the picture, stating it was grainy and consumers not happy with the poor viewing angles. The price, however, is something no one is complaining about.

• Excellent price
• 1080p HDTV
• 3 HDMI inputs

• Picture quality
• Onboard control freezes up

• 40K360M
• 46K360M

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• 1080p High definition resolution
• 120 Hz refresh rate
• 2 HDMI inputs
• USB port
• Audyssey Audio Technology
• Dynamic picture mode
• Game mode
• Ultra slim contemporary design

REMOTE: CT-90325

RATING: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Toshiba 50L1450U 50 inch 1080P LED HDTV. This Toshiba model is priced to be very affordable for its large size. It boasts a ultra-slim, contemporary design sure to fit in with today’s modern decor and lifestyle. It is also lightweight, making it very easy to install on a stand or on the wall. 2 HDMI inputs are located at the rear of the TV for connecting a blu-ray player, gaming console, or any other HDMI capable device. The USB port, located on the side, allows you to connect a flash drive and listen to your favorite tunes or view pictures.

The remote control part number for the Toshiba 50L1450U is CT-90325.

With a 120 Hz refresh rate, this TV is an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts. Motion blur is significantly reduced so that action packed games can be enjoyed to the fullest and with gaming mode switched on, game controller delay is also reduced. This model is a full high definition TV with 1080p resolution which you will enjoy when watching your favorite movies and shows or playing games. Together with dynamic picture mode, which significantly increases contrast, brightness and sharpness, you will be able to enjoy crisp, vibrant colors and a picture screen with clarity, TV viewing at its finest. Toshiba uses Audyssey Audio Technology to improve sound quality and provide you with clear and natural sound. Many find that the audio system for this model is adequate and quite good, however others find that a sound bar is a natural choice to add to the TV for better sound. Since there is no audio output, a big drawback for this model, connecting a soundbar requires the purchase of additional items to make the connection. For resolution to this problem, it is best to speak to a technician for the best option.

If you are looking for an affordable, large screen TV, without all the bells and whistles of a smart TV, that will deliver superb picture quality, then the Toshiba 50L1450U is an excellent choice for you.

• Great price
• Excellent picture quality
• 120 Hz refresh rate
• Ultra-slim contemporary design

• Not a smart TV
• No audio output
• Not enough HDMI inputs

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• 1080p HDTV with Micro Dimming
• 240Hz Refresh Rate
• Smart TV
• Built in Camera
• Thin LED Design TV
• Excellent sound quality


RATING: 4.3/5

Welcome to a review of the Samsung UN46F7500 46-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV. This model features 3D capabilities, along with many “smart” uses such as a built in camera and built in WiFi connectivity. This model’s smart capabilities include its 2D to 3D conversion, which is actually useable in contrast to similar models on the market. This, coupled with its vast array of free application content, gives this particular model an edge from the start using the Smart touch remote, AA59-00758A.

You will find great sound and video quality to match its promised features, making for an all-around enjoyable model. It even displays one of the better gaming modes that some have seen to date which can be a serious plus for those looking to do their fair share of gaming on this TV. Overall, this TV is pretty solid and holds up very well in terms of value and is recommended most for those looking for a gaming TV, as that is where this model seems to shine the most.

• Great sound and video quality
• Useful “game mode”
• Lots of free app content
• 3D is fantastic and 2D to 3D conversion is actually usable

• Controls feel incomplete
• Poor angle viewing

• UN46F7500
• UN55F7500
• UN60F7500

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• 1080p high definition resolution
• 120hz refresh rate
• 100,000:1 contrast ratio
• 3 HDMI inputs
• Wide vertical and horizontal angles
• PC connection
• 3D noise reduction
• Ultra slim design


RATING: 3.7 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Westinghouse DW50F1Y1 LED HDTV. Although this large screen TV offers only standard features, without all the bells and whistles of its more tech savvy counterparts, its performance is excellent, especially for the low price out of pocket. With 1080 resolution and a refresh rate of 120hz, you are in for a treat with its vibrant, crystal clear images, whether watching a movie, a sporting event or playing games. Its wide vertical and horizontal angles allow everyone in the room, no matter where seated, to watch with ease. If you would like to attach your PC to use the large screen as a monitor, you can do so with the 3 HDMI inputs available. Its ultra slim design and light weight allow for easy mounting. For the price, this model packs a powerful punch.

The remote used for this model is the RMT-24. It is a standard remote which is easy to use.

As with many ultra slim, flat screen models, high quality sound is sometimes compromised. For the average viewer the sound meets all requirements to enjoy watching movies, or playing games. However, for the user who requires a more high-tech, excellent quality sound, a sound system or speakers can be attached to achieve excellent sound.

• Crystal clear images with brilliant colors
• 3 HDMI inputs
• Slim, modern design
• Easy set-up

• Average sound quality

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