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Sony BDP-S1100 Blu-ray Disc player


• Full HD 1080p resolution
• Up-scales DVDs to near HD quality
• Front USB slot
• High definition sound with Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD codecs
• Socialize with friends while watching TV
• Access to Sony Entertainment Network
• Internet access via Ethernet
• Compact, contemporary design


RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Sony BDP-S1100 Blu-ray Disc Player. The Sony BDP-S1100 is an entry level disc player. It does not have all the extras that higher priced players are equipped with but the quality picture and sound you get will not disappoint. It is lightweight, and compact, making it very easy to place in small spaces. The set-up takes no time at all. To access the internet, and stream movies and videos, a LAN cable will be needed. Some users have commented that the user interface is not very intuitive and clunky, while others have been happy with the layout. Regardless, the player is easy to operate and DVDs take just a few seconds to load and begin playing. With its up-scaling capabilities, all of your DVDs will look magnificent in near HD quality.

The part number for the remote control that accompanies this player is RMT-B119A. This remote comes with a Netflix button to make it easy for you to start watching movies with a simple click of the button.

Once the internet connection has been established, the Sony Entertainment Network will give you access to hundreds of services that can be streamed to your Blu-ray including Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Huluplus, Amazon instant Video and many more. Do you like to keep in touch and chat with friends? By accessing Facebook or twitter, you can socialize with friends via internet connections on your TV. Many users have noticed that to enjoy Dolby True HD sound quality, the Blu-ray’s “audio mix” setting should be turned off. Once turned off, you can enjoy rich, powerful sound with clarity and depth that Dolby True HD can provide. No doubt about it, for the low price and limited features, this Blu-ray has a lot to offer.


• Inexpensive
• HD resolution picture quality
• Sound with clarity and depth
• Internet connectivity via Ethernet connection


• No WiFi
• No internet browser
• No analog video or audio outputs

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