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Sony STR-DA2800ES 7.2-channel 4K A/V Receiver


• 7.2-channel with 100 watts per channel
• Built-in WiFi
• Built-on Bluetooth
• 4K resolution pass-through and upscaling
• 8 HDMI inputs plus 2 component inputs
• USB port on front panel
• Control4 home automation system controller


RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Sony STR-DA2800ES 7.2-channel 4K A/V Receiver. This A/V receiver is packed full of features, giving you endless options to optimize your entertainment needs. Setting up your new receiver couldn’t be easier, colorful diagrams and text descriptions will guide you through each step. Once the receiver is turned on, you are presented with an easy set-up system which will walk you through all the settings necessary, including speaker settings. This system has an intuitive on screen menu that allows you to manage and access your input devices effortlessly. The new menu on this receiver is very easy to navigate and switching between system settings, internet apps or changing inputs is a breeze. Being WiFi enabled lets you access the internet where you can stream movies, music, youtube videos and so much more. Once connected to the internet, the receiver has access to a vast array of web apps including streaming features like Netflix, Hulu and Vudu in addition to audio apps like Pandora and Slacker. The USB port located on the front panel also allows you to access your music via flash drive. If you own a smartphone, with this receiver, your phone can now become the remote control for your system when you install the appropriate app.

The remote control that accompanies this receiver is part# RM-AAU155. Some users have commented that this remote could be more effective if it were more able to control the devices that are added rather than just the receiver itself.

The sound quality that this receiver delivers is excellent. Crisp, clear detail and just the right amount of bass will more than fulfill your needs. Watching movies, sporting events and playing games will be a pleasure you’ll want to experience again and again. As with any other system, there are drawbacks which have been noted by users. One concern is that there is no volume indication projected on the TV screen which can be an annoyance for many. For those concerned with energy consumption users have noticed that the receiver leaves unused equipment turned on when you are done with an activity meaning unnecessary energy consumption. However, with all the extras this receiver delivers, together with the exceptional sound and picture quality, this is definitely an item to consider for your next shopping trip.

• Crisp, powerful, sound quality
• Built-in Wifi for internet connection
• 4K resolution pass-through

• Remote control could be more effective
• No volume indication on TV
• Energy consumption issues

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Westinghouse LD-4080 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV

• Easy set-up
• Ultra slim and lightweight
• Brilliant picture quality
• 3D noise reduction
• Parental control
• Sleep timer


RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Westinghouse LD-4080 LED-LCD HDTV. This stylish, sleek TV fits perfectly on any wall and is easy to mount and move around due to its light weight. The set-up is easy as are the menu options. It delivers a brilliant, clear, crisp picture with bold, vivid colors. A sleep timer and parental control are two options offered on the TV menu. For the parents out there wanting to keep control of what their children watch, this is a perfect TV. An apparent glitch with this model is that the TV tuner will not recognize some channels. Customer service should be able to assist with this issue and provide some problem solving solutions. Also, the aspect ratio reverts back to standard once the TV is turned off, meaning you have to reset to fill mode every time you watch TV. While there are 3 HDMI inputs, an adequate amount for most consumers, it has been noted that the ports are located in a tight spot and it is difficult to situate the plugs-ins.

The remote for this model is a standard model and is the RMT-15.

As with many ultra slim, flat screen TVs, the sound quality of this model is average or moderate. To enhance the sound, simply add a sound bar, speakers or a good sound system and you can experience good sound quality. If you want superior sound quality, this is not the TV for you. If you are willing to attach a sound system, then you can get that top notch sound quality and excellent picture quality for very little money, and that’s always a good thing.

• Slim, modern design
• Excellent picture quality with high resolution
• Parental control
• 3 HDMI inputs

• Inadequate tuner
• Average sound quality
• Problems with aspect ratio setting

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Onkyo TX-NR515 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver


• 7.2 channel amplifier
• 80 watts per channel
• 8 in/1 out HDMI ports
• 4K upscaling
• USB port
• Wifi capability (with purchase of adapter)
• Audyssey Room Correction
• InstaPrevue technology


RATING: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Onkyo TX-NR515 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver. The Onkyo TX-NR515 model is a low to mid-range receiver full of high end features. With 7 channels at 80 watts per channel, you will be pleasantly surprised with its powerful Dolby Pro Logic IIz expansion surround sound performance. 8 input and 1 output HDMI ports give you plenty of options for the connection of your equipment, including a blu-ray player, cable/satellite box, gaming console, TV, PC/Laptop and more. A current sought after feature is 4K upscaling. With its customers in mind, Onkyo has equipped the TX-NR515 with 4K upscaling so that when you purchase a 4K capable TV, you will be able to upscale your movies and videos to 4K resolution and enjoy your TV viewing as though you were in a theater. A USB port, located on the front panel, allows you to connect your iPhone/iPod, or flash drive to listen to your music which will be much more crisp and clear since the audio signal is transported in digital instead of analog form. The front panel HDMI port is designed for the connection of smartphones and other portable electronic devices using the new Mobil High Definition Link or MHL standard. This will allow you to display full high definition video and pictures with surround sound.

The part number for the remote control used for this receiver is RC-834M. One minor flaw with the remote control, as noted by customers, is the lack of back-lit buttons, making it very hard to use the remote at night.

Using the Audyssey 2EQ Full Calibration is easy and will have your speakers calibrated to give you optimal surround sound quality in minutes. Although this receiver does not come with built-in WiFi, you can purchase an adapter to make it WiFi capable, thereby allowing you to stream your favorite music. Onkyo receivers have access to the most online music services including Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, Slacker and many more. InstaPrevue provides video thumbnails of the available content on your devices connected via HDMI so that you no longer have to remember that your blu-ray player is connected to Port 1, or your gaming console to Port 2, for example, you will be able to see what is playing and make your choice with ease. For the price point of this receiver, the sound quality it delivers is exceptional, with clear, crisp, details and deep, rich bass and with all its other features, you can’t go wrong.

• Moderately priced
• Powerful sound quality with clarity and depth
• 8 in/1 out HDMI ports
• Automatic Speaker Calibration

• No printed owner’s manual
• Firmware update must be done prior to use

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Haier D2380 Series 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV

• 1080p Full HDTV
• Ultra Thin Frame
• 3 HDMI
• LED backlit
• PC Input
• Energy Star

REMOTE: TV-5620-134

RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the HAIER LED2380 Series 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV. The first thing that has been noticed was the external nature of this device, in terms of its weight and slimness. It is a very sturdy model, not like weaker quality plastic that has been seen in other manufacturers. Some consumers have said that the picture quality was just “ok”. The contrast is excellent but shadow detailing seems minimal. The overall color on the mid setting is nice and skin tones look good. Action is at 60 Hz refresh and although not the best, pretty good comparatively.

The speakers on the D2380 series, like most flat screens, has been stated as sub-standard, which provides mediocre but debatably average sound quality. It is equipped with 4 HDMI, 1 Component RGB set, plus 1 red and 1 white analog audio in to complete the RGB input. The TV also has physical control buttons but would recommend using the TV-5620-134 remote, which is simple and well laid out.

Overall the only major downsides to this series are the low quality speakers, not having both composite and component in ports and limited picture controls. This being said, most of these things are minor or are expected issues and do not take too much away from this TV.

• Design
• Picture quality
• Value

• Sound quality
• Port issues

D2380 SERIES 1080p/60Hz LED HDTV
• LE39D2380
• LE42D2380
• LE46D2380

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• 7.1 channel, 95 watts, 7 channel power (8 ohms, 20Hz – 20 kHz, THD 0.08%
• 185 watts per channel maximum power (6 ohm, 1kHz, THD 10%, 1 channel driven)
• Networking with AirPlay, Pandora, & Spotify
• Dolby Pro Logic IIz, 4K Ultra HD scaling and pass through
• New setup assistant with enhanced GUI

Remote Control: RC-1183

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Welcome to a review of Denon’s AVR-X2000 7.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver. Designed to serve as the heart and brain of your connected home theater system, the AVR-X2000 In-Command 7.1 Network Home Theater Receiver features 7 discrete output stages with identical circuit topology, with each channel rated at 95 watts. This system will easily be able to drive today’s quality loudspeakers.

This receiver is equipped with advanced video circuitry capable of up scaling video signals to 4K Ultra HD. Video images at this resolution are dazzlingly vibrant and sharp. The easy-to-follow instructions via our on-screen setup assistant helps you to quickly and easily set up your system. In addition, you can assign 2 channels of the AVR-X2000’s 7-channel amplifier to provide power for speakers located in another room.

The remote control that comes with the AVR-X2000, is part number RC-1183. The RC-1183 will help in the easy setup process and all the menu options.

You shouldn’t be short of HDMI inputs. There are seven total, with one on the front of the receiver, and future-proofing is covered in the X2000’s 3D and 4K compatibility. With so many great features and great sound quality, the AVR-X2000 is worth checking out.

• Great sound quality
• 7 HDMI ports
• 4K Ultra HD

• Networking could be improved

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Sony STR-DN840 7.2-channel 4K Wi-Fi Network A/V Receiver


• 7.2 Channels, 150 watts per channel
• Built-in Wifi, bluetooth or airplay
• 6 HDMI inputs
• 4K pass-through
• Control receiver with Iphone or Android devices
• 3D pass-through
• Front USB input
• Sound Optimizer


RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Sony 7.2 Channel 4K Wifi Network AV Receiver. Paired with a nice set of speakers, Sony’s 7.2 channel AV receiver delivers dazzling, powerful sound. The built-in Wifi, bluetooth and airplay make it easy for you to enjoy your music or media from almost all of your devices. The front USB input gives you another option to connect your music or videos while charging your device. This receiver boasts 6 HDMI inputs, allowing you to connect your blue-ray disc player, gaming console, cable box and 3 other HDMI capable devices. Many have commented that for the price, the menu interface displayed on the TV could be better.

The remote control that accompanies this receiver is part# RM-AAU170. For some people, this remote, with lots of buttons, is very busy and can be confusing to use.

This receiver includes an auto-calibration feature. With the microphone, included with your receiver, you can run a very easy automatic calibration routine or you have the option to manually adjust the speakers the way you want them. If you want surround sound, this receiver has surround sound decoders such as Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic, and many more, to give you the cinema-like experience you are looking for with enhanced, crisp, clear sounds and booming bass. An especially nice feature is that this receiver has multiroom capability, letting you assign different audio for 2 separate rooms. Another feature worth noting is the sound optimizer that will ensure you get the best sound quality at a wide range of volume levels. Although an HDMI high-speed cable is not included, if you purchase a cable you can experience a full high definition 1080p picture screen with digital surround sound. This receiver is loaded with features and delivers pristine, clear, powerful sound quality and is worth the price.

• 1050 watts of power
• Powerful, crisp, clear sound quality
• Wifi, Bluetooth and airplay
• Multiroom capability

• Menu interface on TV could use improvement
• Remote is busy, and confusing
• HDMI cable not included

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Sanyo DP42D24 42 inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV


• 1080p High definition resolution
• Wide viewing angles
• 3 HDMI inputs
• Optical digital audio output
• VGA port for PC/Mac input
• USB port
• Sound customization
• Roku ready (with separate purchase of Roku stick)


RATING: 4.6 out of 5

Welcome to a review of the Sanyo DP42D24 42 inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV. For the low price, this large 42 inch screen HDTV is not only a bargain but a TV that will deliver high quality output. While setting up, it offers menus in 3 languages, English, Spanish and French, to make set-up easier for a larger population. It was built with the modern buyer in mind, with sleek, contemporary lines, and weighing in at 33 pounds, is easy to mount or place on a stand. Equipped with 3 HDMI inputs, a blu-ray player, cable/satellite box, gaming console, or other HDMI capable device is a breeze to connect. The MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) input allows the TV to communicate with MHL compatible devices such as iPhones, or tablets. For those who like to use their TV as a monitor, there is a VGA input to connect to a PC or Mac. A USB port is also provided to connect a flash drive to stream your favorite music or view your photos with family and friends.

The remote control part number is MC42NS00. The remote is basic, but easy to navigate and has all the buttons you need to operate your TV.

While the sound quality is adequate, many customers choose to add a soundbar or home entertainment system using the audio output to enhance the sound for a more theater like sound. With the sound customization feature, you can modify the sound to your liking. Wide viewing angles provide you with the capacity to view the TV from almost any area in a room, thus allowing for large gatherings. While this TV does not have built in Roku, with the purchase of a Roku stick, you can enjoy thousands of entertainment channels and movies in the comfort of your home. Many users have commented that the picture quality is superb, with clear, vivid images and vibrant colors. Without breaking the bank, the purchase of the Sanyo DP42D24 is an investment that will give you many years of viewing pleasure.

• 1080p High resolution definition
• 3 HDMI inputs
• Roku ready
• Inexpensive

• Sound quality could be improved

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