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Westinghouse H1G1 720p 60hz LED HDTV Series


• 720p High definition resolution
• 60hz refresh rate
• 2 HDMI inputs
• 3D noise reduction
• Sleek, slim design
• Energy efficient
• Parental control


RATING: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Westinghouse H1G1 LED HDTV Series. This series has 2 models, one with a 32 inch screen and the other a 37 inch screen. While this is not one of the larger screens available on the market, it is a perfect size for spaces that need a smaller screen that still has plenty of screen space for excellent viewing. It is the perfect size for a dorm room, guest room or kids room. Its light weight and sleek design make it effortless to mount and very easy to set-up. This series, though basic, offers excellent picture quality with crisp images and vibrant colors. The parental control feature is a must have for parents wanting to keep “adult only” shows and movies unavailable to their children. The 2 HDMI inputs are available for attaching devices that are most important to you. If you are an avid gamer, this TV will render top notch picture quality that will have you playing for hours.

The remote control for this series is part# RMT-17 and is a standard model remote.

While the picture this TV delivers is of good quality, the sound leaves much to be desired. Comments range from hollow sounding, can hear an echo or a buzz, to it’s great. The majority of flat screen models on the market sacrifice the sound for slim design. If you are looking for high end sound, there is a solution. Simply attach a sound bar, speakers or sound system to the TV and you can achieve the superior sound quality you desire to view movies or play video games. For the low cost, and all the features this TV provides, it is worth every penny.

• High resolution, crisp, clear picture quality
• Low cost
• Slim, contemporary design
• Parental control

• Sound quality is average

• DW32H1G1
• DW37H1G1

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HAIER L50B2180 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV

• 1080p Full HD
• Auto Volume Leveler (AVL)
• USB File Playback
• RoHS Compliant
• 3 HDMI inputs
• Attractive design

REMOTE: TV-5620-129

RATING: no ratings listed

Welcome to a review of the Haier L50B2180 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV. Haier’s 50″ LCD HDTV delivers a sharp, clear picture, combined with dynamic sound. This model is ideal as the center of your home entertainment system, with multiple AV inputs including 3 HDMI and 1 Component input that make it easier than ever to connect a variety of high definition devices, like a cable or satellite box, Blu-ray player, or game console.

The L50B2180 comes with a fully functional standard remote control. The part number is TV-5620-129. This will help you to navigate through all the features and menu options with ease.

This model features an attractive external appearance that gives a nice first impression and for the price range, the sound quality is above average. Overall, the L50B2180 model is proving to be a nice buy for a 50”, with the picture quality being the top priority.

• Resolution
• Brightness and contrast
• High definition

• No apps

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Sony STR-DH740 7.2-channel 4K A/V Receiver


• 7.2 channels, 1015 watts
• 4 convenient HDMI inputs; 1 HDMI output
• 4K resolution pass-through
• Front facing USB port
• 3D pass-through
• HD Digital Cinema Sound
• Digital Cinema Auto Calibration
• Intuitive on-screen graphical user interface
• 2 year warranty


RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Sony STR-DH740 7.2-channel 4K A/V Receiver. The STR-DH740 is considered an entry level receiver since it lacks some connectivity features that more expensive models have. However, it does come with, what many users consider, the most important features. The set-up is easy and the receiver is contemporary and visually appealing. The picture quality of your movies will be spectacular, with vivid, bright colors and crystal clear images that only high definition resolution can deliver. This receiver has 3D pass-through, meaning it is compatible with any movie or game you want to watch in 3D. It is also equipped with 4k pass-through, the technology of the future. Any content you have in 4K can be passed through this receiver to a 4K capable TV, meaning Sony, with this receiver, has prepared you for the future of 4k technology.

The part # for the remote control that accompanies this receiver is RM-AAU168.

A microphone is one of the accessories you get with your package and is provided to help you calibrate your speakers to equalize the sound coming from each speaker. Once calibration is complete, you will be happy with the well balanced bass, clarity, detail, surround sound, and power that this receiver will deliver. A USB port is located on the front panel, but is only compatible with apple or Sony devices, one major drawback, as noted by many users. With 4 HDMI inputs, you can easily connect your blu-ray, cable box, gaming console and still have another slot left over for an HDMI compatible device. For the best sound possible, it is recommended that high-speed HDMI cables be purchased since they do not come with this receiver. Overall, for the low price, you get your money’s worth with this receiver and then some.


• Inexpensive
• High resolution picture quality
• Rich sound with clarity and depth
• 4 HDMI inputs for all your equipment

• No WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity
• Limited input/output options
• No multiroom support

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Onkyo CS-345 Hi-Fi CD Mini System with iPod/iPhone Dock


• Built-in dock for iPhone/iPod
• FM/AM tuner with 30 station presets
• Tone controls for bass and treble
• Two-way bass-reflex speakers
• High-quality cone woofer and balanced-dome tweeter
• Program and sleep timer
• CD player
• Full function remote control


RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Onkyo CS-345 Hi-Fi CD Mini System with iPod/iPhone Dock. Don’t let the small size fool you, Onkyo’s CS-345 Hi-Fi mini-system packs a powerful punch. Enclosed in the compact cabinets are a high quality cone woofer and balanced dome tweeter to give you a more balanced sound and disperse the high and low tones more evenly to create more clarity. This system is equipped with an active bass control which enhances the performance and automatically adjusts bass levels to prevent fading when the volume is low. The easy access dock located at the top of the receiver will play your music through an iPhone/Ipod. An AM/FM tuner is part of the system, with 30 presets for your convenience.

The part # for the remote control that comes with this system is RC-823S.

Another great feature is the video line-out for iPod/iPhone playback on a TV. Any videos stored on your iPod or iPhone, you can now watch on your TV and control with the included remote. The CD tray on the front plays audio compact discs, MP3 compilations, and CD-R/CD-RW discs. Some users have commented that the speaker cables that come in the box are too short and have used alternative cables that are a bit longer. Overall however, this compact mini-system, made for smaller spaces, does what it is designed to do, deliver high quality sound with clarity and depth.

• Inexpensive
• Built-in dock for iPhone/iPod
• Rich, clear sound quality
• AM/FM tuner

• Speaker cables to short
• No bluetooth connectivity or USB port

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• 175 total power
• Wireless subwoofer
• Built-in Bluetooth
• Dolby Digital and DTS decoding
• 1 HDMI in, 1 HDMI out
• Night mode
• 3 separate listening modes
• Wall mountable


RATING: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Denon DHT-S514 Home Theater Soundbar System. As many flat screen TVs get thinner and thinner, the sound quality ultimately suffers. That is where this home theater soundbar takes over. The set-up and installation is easy, especially since the soundbar and wireless subwoofer are lightweight and compact. Either mount on the wall or place on furniture, they are both black and will blend in with the rest of your equipment. This system offers 3 separate listening modes, including surround movie mode, to deliver surround sound with dynamic strength for soundtracks, dialogue enhance mode, to clearly hear the dialog between characters in a movie or show, and music mode, which optimizes the sound of your music.

The remote is fully functional straight out of the box – just add new batteries. The part number for the remote control is RC-1187.

With built-in Bluetooth capability, your options open up as you stream music from your Smartphone or tablet and enjoy music services like Spotify, Pandora, or Internet Radio. The subwoofer has a volume control with a wide range and delivers deep, distortion-free bass. The Dolby Digital and DTS decoding provides you with realistic surround sound. Many who have purchased this home theater soundbar system have remarked at how the sound fills the room, is very smooth, and truly immerses you in surround sound. The DHT-S514 is at mid to high range in price for soundbars but beats many of its higher priced counterparts on sound quality, as expressed by current users. It is an investment in your home entertainment needs that you will enjoy for years to come.

• Wireless subwoofer
• Bluetooth
• Dolby digital and DTS decoding
• 3 listening modes


• Not enough HDMI inputs
• Soundbar gets hot when in use

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• Full HD resolution 1080p 40” Class, 720p 32” Class
• Available in a 40″ and 32” Class size screen
• Built-in digital tuner
• HDMI Inputs: (3) 40” & (2) 32”
• Child Lock
• One-touch play via HDMI CEC link
• Wall mountable


RATING: 4.0/5.0

Welcome to a review of Emerson’s EM2F Series 60Hz LCD HDTV. Emerson’s EM2F Series will provide you with a great viewing experience. This series comes in two popular sizes, a 32” Class that has 720p with 60Hz refresh rate and 2 HDMI Inputs and a 40” Class size that has 1080p with 60Hz refresh rate and 3 HDMI inputs.

Thanks to its HD resolution, this Emerson series provides eye-catching, vivid images. With the integrated TV tuner, you can conveniently view your favorite aired channels, without the need for a separate tuner. The child lock mechanism in this Emerson television prevents your child from watching unsuitable content which is a plus feature for parents.

This LCD HDTV has speakers with a power of 10 watts, giving you an immersive audio experience. With that said, only having 10 watts will only going to give you a standard level of sound. Maybe even adequate, depending on the size of the room it is in. For a more effective sound experience, a home theater system or a sound bar might be the answer to give you the sound power you are accustomed to.

The EM2F series comes with a fully functional remote control, part number NH001UD. This remote is simple and easy to use as you surf through the channels. What’s more, the Emerson EM2F contributes its bit to the environment by having an Eco Button on its remote control, which when utilized, consumes less power.

Overall this TV is basic, but has nice features and is affordable.


• Value
• Eco-button
• Easy setup

• Adequate sound
• No smart tv features

• LC320EM2F
• LC401EM2F

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HAIER L32F1120 720P 60Hz LCD HDTV

• Full 720p HD resolution; 60 Hz refresh rate
• Sleep timer function
• Dynamic contrast ratio 7800:1
• Response time 8.5 ms
• Horizontal Viewing Angle-176°: Vertical Viewing Angle-176°
• 2x HDMI, 1x USB, VGA, Headphones, Component, Composite, Audio inputs

REMOTE: TV-5620-125

RATING: 3.3 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Haier F1120 LCD HDTV series. This series is a gamble- a lot of reviewers enjoy the TV and its features but there are some that have experienced issues where the TV stopped working or was slow to respond. Those who purchase a television without any technical difficulties have been most satisfied with its picture quality which is in full 720p HD resolution and has a 60 Hz refresh rate. Sound quality is only average, as is the case with most flat panel televisions.

The remote control part number that comes with this television is TV-5620-125. This TV remote control is simple, easy to use, and only requires batteries out of the packaging. This is a standard remote control that will operate basic commands to navigate channel to channel.

There are multiple options for you to connect your other devices to your television. The inputs and ports for this TV series include 2x HDMI, 1x USB, VGA, Headphones, Component, Composite, and Audio inputs. Overall, it can be a gamble to purchase this TV- you will either end up with a decent television for watching shows and movies or a 20 lb. paper weight.

• Wide viewing angle
• Multiple Connections


• Model has experienced issues
• Sound quality

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Westinghouse CW40T8GW 1080p 60hz LCD HDTV


• 1080p High definition display
• 3 HDMI inputs
• 6,000:1 contrast ratio
• Wide horizontal and vertical angles
• Wall mountable
• Parental Control
• Sleep timer
• Built-in digital tuner


RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Westinghouse CW40T8GW LCD HDTV. This model is sleek and stylish, with a wide screen to give you that home theater feeling, but compact enough to fit in almost any room of the house. Set-up is a snap and the TV is so lightweight that just about anyone can mount it. The menu is easy to use and offers many display options so that you can customize it with your preferences. With its 178 degree wide vertical, and horizontal angles, anyone can watch from anywhere in the room. It delivers bright, vibrant colors and clean, crisp images. Although this model has a 60hz, as opposed to a refresh rate of 120hz, not many people can discern the difference between 60hz and 120hz. The picture quality is still excellent, especially for the low price. With the parental control feature, parents can rest easy knowing that they can select the types of movies and shows that their children can view. The 3 HDMI inputs is more than adequate for most users needs. This TV is simplistic with its offerings, but it is easy to use, delivers a high quality picture and is quite a bargain for the low price tag.

The remote that accompanies this model is RMT-21. It is a standard model which is easy to navigate. At times however, the signal from the remote to the TV appears to be weak thereby forcing the viewer to very carefully get closer to the TV and point in the correct direction.

The 2 speakers for this model are found in the rear and are 6 watts. Many flat, lightweight TVs have been known to have poor quality speakers and this model is no exception. There are those who are satisfied with the sound quality this model produces. However, the majority of people who purchase this model are disappointed with the “sounds like everything is in a tin cup” sound. The solution appears to be attaching any sound system or high quality speakers into one of the HDMI ports. Once this is done, the sound quality greatly improves and customers can enjoy the sound and a crystal clear picture knowing that they paid a bargain price.

• Excellent picture quality with clean, crisp images
• Adequate number of HDMI ports
• Low price
• Easy to set-up

• Average sound quality
• Weak signal from remote control
• No internet connectivity

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