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Westinghouse CW40T2RW 40” Class 1080P LCD HDTV


• 1080P High definition resolution
• 178 degree horizontal and vertical angles
• 100,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio
• 3 HDMI inputs
• PC connectivity
• Energy efficient
• Easy set-up


RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Westinghouse CW40T2RW 40” Class 1080p LCD HDTV. This model requires very little time to set-up and due to its light weight, is easy to mount on the wall or place on the stand. It has been noted by some people who have purchased this model that the stand is not very sturdy and that it does not swivel, sometimes making it difficult to make adjustments on the menu.

The resolution on the CW40T2RW renders an excellent, crisp picture with vibrant colors and makes everything on the screen come to life. This 40” does not boast any high-tech features such as internet connectivity as it is more simplistic in its design. However, what it lacks for in high tech features, it more than makes up for with its delivery of a theater-like viewing experience. For those that want to play video games, connect their computer or simply listen to the TV with headphones, the 3 HDMI inputs provided on the rear of the set are more than enough to fill these needs.

The remote control unit that comes with this model is part number RMT-21. It is a standard model remote and is easy to use.

The sound quality of this model, as with many flat screen TVs, is average. Some customers who have purchased this model have commented that when the sound is on you feel as though you are in a tunnel. To reap the full benefits of this TV and acquire high-end sound quality, it is recommended that a sound bar, speakers or a sound system be attached to one of the HDMI inputs. This small adjustment will make even the most tech savvy sound critic happy with his purchase. For the low price, this TV can’t be beat.

• Low price
• Clear, crisp, high resolution picture quality
• Wide vertical and horizontal angles
• 3 HDMI inputs

• Sound quality
• TV stand is not very sturdy


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Sony STR-DA1800ES 7.2 Channel A/V Receiver


• 7.2-channel with 100 watts per channel
• Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth
• 8 HD inputs; 6 HDMI and 2 component
• Internet streaming
• Compatible with Blu-ray 3D movies, video games and other 3D content
• Front-panel USB input connection of your iPod, portable music player or thumb drive
• 5 year limited warranty


RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Sony STR-DA1800ES 7.2 Channel Wi-Fi Receiver. If you are looking for a mid-range priced receiver for your home theater that will deliver an incredible entertainment experience, this is it. Equipped with HD Digital Cinema Sound, with Front High Speakers, you will experience amazing sound quality that will blow you away and make you feel like you are there in the scene depicted on your screen. This system features 4K resolution pass-through, also referred to as ultra HD, which will optimize the images on your screen and give you a crystal clear picture in Ultra High Resolution. The receiver includes WiFi which opens the door for streaming movies, music, youtube videos, etc. It is also bluetooth enabled, giving you another way to listen to your music or watch your favorite movies or shows.

The remote control that comes with this home theater system is part# RM-AAP080.

With 6 HDMI and 2 component inputs at your fingertips, you can connect your blu-ray, gaming system, cable box and any other HDMI capable devices to fit your needs. There is a USB port on the front panel where you can connect an IPod, portable music player or thumb drive giving you yet another way to listen to your favorite music with a system designed to give you the best sound possible. An FM/AM tuner is also available. One feature that this system does not have is an equalizer that will allow you to adjust mid-range tone levels, you can only make adjustments to the treble and bass. Aside from this drawback however, the majority of consumers are very happy with this system where they can experience being at the movies in their own home.

• 7.2-channel with 100 watts per channel
• Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth
• 8 HD inputs
• Easy to set-up
• 5 year limited warranty

• An equilizer not equipped to adjust mid-range tone levels

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Toshiba 32L1300U 32-Inch 720p 120Hz LED HDTV


• 120Hz refresh rate
• Audyssey EQ and ABX audio technologies
• Dynamic picture mode
• USB port
• 2 HDMI inputs
• Sleek modern design
• Game mode
• 14 watt audio
• 720p resolution

REMOTE: CT-90325

RATING: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Toshiba 32L1300U 32-Inch 720p 120Hz LED HDTV. Most customers who purchase the Toshiba 32L1300U are drawn by its affordable price. It is not a Smart TV but a simple, basic TV for a bedroom, guestroom or office. It is lightweight and easy to install and set-up. Its sleek modern design makes it attractive in any room. It comes with 2 HDMI inputs and a USB port, where you can connect a USB flash drive and listen to music or view photos. Although it has only 720p resolution, the Dynamic picture mode provides maximum contrast and clarity giving you excellent picture quality, with crisp, vibrant colors.

The remote control that comes with the 32L1300U model is very easy to use and navigate. The part number is CT-90325.

One of the best features of this TV is the 120 HZ refresh rate. For gaming enthusiasts, the 120 HZ refresh rate reduces motion blur for quick, edge of your seat action and will have you playing your favorite games for hours. Audyssey EQ and ABX audio technologies ensure that the sound quality is clear and balanced. There are two notable drawbacks. The first is that this model does not come with a user manual, it must be downloaded from Toshiba’s website. The second drawback, as noted by several customers, is the shortage of HDMI inputs and audio out options. In some cases, additional cables need to be purchased to connect your devices. However, for the low price, this TV delivers excellent picture and sound quality and is well built to give you years of entertainment.

• Low price
• 120 HZ refresh rate
• Excellent picture quality
• Easy set-up

• No user manual
• Only 2 HDMI inputs and lacks audio out options

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Sony BDP-S790 3D Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi


• 16-bit video processing
• Dual-core processor
• Built-in Wifi
• High-definition format offering video at 720p, 1080i, or 1080p resolution
• Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution
• Front/rear-panel USB port
• Energy efficient

Remote: RMT-B122A

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Sony BDP-S790 3D Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi. This blu-ray player possesses many high-end features that will add and enhance quality to your home theater entertainment system. It is compact in size, has a very contemporary design, takes up very little space, and is easy to set-up and use. The dual-core processor ensures that loading time for your discs will be immediate, no more lag time, as with other players. The BDP-S7900 offers several video adjustments. For example, if you are looking for a different lighting environment you can choose from 3 preset picture settings; standard, brighter or theater. The I/P noise reduction improves the picture quality of your internet entertainment. Through the HDMI output, the BDP-S790 blue-ray player is capable of upscaling your standard DVDs to a higher resolution thus giving you clearer, brighter images and improved picture quality.

Part # RMT-B122A is the remote control that comes with this Blu-ray disc player. There has been some disappointment about the layout of the remote whereby the navigation buttons are too close together and it makes it difficult to push the correct button. An important feature lacking in the remote is the absence of illumination on the buttons.

Internet browser capabilities did not meet the expectations of many users and is very limited and slow. However, streaming movies, and music from the internet has been said to be easy and lightning fast. Some people have noted that the manual could have clearer and easier to understand instructions for some of the options and features. A drawback of the outside of the unit is that the display is too dim to see in daylight. There is no DNLA support with this unit and it has caused many to return the player. Despite its drawbacks however, with all its features and excellent sound and picture quality, the majority of consumers are very happy with this blu-ray disc player.

• Excellent sound and picture quality
• Built-in WiFi, with fast streaming capabilities
• Easy to set-up and use

• Overpriced
• No DLNA support
• Poorly designed remote control

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Sanyo DP46812 46″ Class 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV

• 46″ Diagonal Full HD 1080p LCD
• Wide screen 16:9 Aspect Ratio
• Native Panel Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
• Wide Viewing Angles:178 H x 178 V Degrees
• Integrated Digital Clear QAM ATSC + Analog NTSC Tuner
• Parental Control
• Trilingual Menus: English, Spanish, French
• Closed Caption Compliant: NTSC-608, ATSC-708CC
• Sleep Timer: 1/2 – 3 hours
• 2 HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) input
• 1 Component-Composite Combo input
• 1 USB input
• 1 Coaxial Digital Audio Output
• 1 RF Input ( Analog/Digital Antenna In)


RATING: 4.2/5.0

Welcome to the review of Sanyo’s DP46812, 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV. SANYO’S DP46812 is supported with integrated ATSC Digital and NTSC Analog Tuner which is the latest technology for the digital age. The fully functional remote control that supports the DP46812 is GXFA and this will let you navigate through all the features and menu options that are available.

Having a full array of HDMI, Component Audio/Video, Composite Audio/Video and RF inputs, you have plenty of options for DVD, VCR, Cable, Satellite and external antenna hookups. A coaxial digital audio output allows hookup to a home entertainment receiver amplifier system for theater like sound.
The USB input and Photo Viewer feature allows display of your digital camera photos for all too see. With a thin space saving design and small footprint, it can be positioned anywhere. The detachable stand base allows it to be wall mounted, with an optional wall mount kit which is not included.

This model looks nice and boasts a glossy black finish as it blends into the background when the lights are dimmed while watching your favorite movies, sports or favorite programs. You will get your money’s worth with this model and enjoy countless hours of entertainment.

• 1080p High definition resolution
• 60Hz Refresh rate
• Value

• Picture quality doesn’t last per some consumers

DP46812 – LCD 1080p/60Hz HDTV W/Digital Clear Tuner

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Onkyo HT-S3500 5.1-Channel Home Theater Package


• Total 660 watts power with 8 inch subwoofer
• 4 satellite speakers and a center-channel speaker
• Wide Range Amplifier Technology
• 4 in/1 out HDMI support
• Game surround modes
• AM/FM tuner with 40 presets
• Front panel USB port
• Music optimizer


RATING: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Onkyo HT-S3500 5.1-Channel Home Theater Package. This home theater system was designed for small to medium rooms and is in the entry level price range. The system is easy to set up with its color coded speaker wires and intuitive HDMI overlaid on-screen display. The 4 HDMI inputs and 1 output provide connectivity for all your equipment such as a gaming console, blu-ray, TV, and cable/satellite box, enough for the average consumer. The USB port located on the front panel makes it easy to connect your iPod/iPhone or flash drive to stream your favorite music. The headphone jack is also located on the front panel giving you easy access. Although this system does not come with automatic speaker calibration, it does have many options to customize your sound settings for optimal surround sound.

The part number for the remote control that comes with this receiver is RC-799M.

As noted by many happy customers, the sound quality is clear, powerful, and crisp, without any background noise or buzzing. The bass that this system puts out is quite powerful for its size. The AM/FM tuner has a 40 preset channel memory thereby allowing you to set up all of your favorite radio stations with ease. A couple of drawbacks that many users have noticed are first, that the receiver sometimes gets hot, therefore leave plenty of space around the receiver so that it has room to vent. Second, the speaker wires that come with the system are a bit flimsy and light gauge. Aside from these minor issues, however, this entry level system, for the price, certainly delivers excellent sound quality and is worth the purchase.

• Excellent sound quality
• 4 HDMI inputs/ 1 output
• Music optimizer
• USB port

• No automatic speaker calibration
• Not Wifi capable
• Not enough wire for speaker set-up

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Westinghouse UW32SC1W 720p 60Hz LED HDTV


• 720p High definition resolution
• 100,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio
• 176 degree vertical and horizontal angles
• 2 HDMI inputs
• Sleep timer
• Parental control
• PC connection
• Energy efficient


RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Westinghouse UW32SC1W 720p 60Hz LED HDTV. With its slim, modern design and large viewing area, the UW32SC1W is a bargain. It’s 720p high definition resolution provides you with a very clear, crisp picture with bright, vibrant colors. This model is excellent for the avid gamer as it not only offers excellent picture quality but does not blur with lots of movement usually required with high energy action games.

Due to its wide vertical and horizontal angles, watching TV or playing games from anywhere in the room is possible. A dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1 ensures that you will get the best picture quality possible. Another fan favorite feature is the parental control option. This will ensure that your children do not watch TV programs intended for adults only, since you to set the parameters.

This 32” has two HDMI ports which will connect you to the web and allow you to view PC applications such as Netflix on the big screen. The remote control RMT-22 will also let you have fun will all the features. The remote control is a fully functional remote that will let you surf with ease on your new TV.

The sound quality, while not the best on the market, is adequate. To further enhance the sound quality, a sound bar, speakers or sound system can be attached. For the price, this TV with its excellent picture quality and other features is a bargain you don’t want to miss.

• Excellent picture quality
• Wide vertical and horizontal angles for easy viewing
• PC connectivity
• Low price

• Average sound quality


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SANYO DP-861 SERIES Internet Ready 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV

• Native panel resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
• Refresh rate 60Hz
• Contrast Ratio 4,000:1
• Integrated Digital Clear QAM ATSC + Analog NTSC Tuner
• 3 HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) inputs with HDCP
(HDMI 1 DVI compatible)
• 2 HD Component
• 1 Composite Input
• 1 PC/Mac capable input (VGA D-sub 15pin) with Mini Audio input
• 2 USB inputs with Photo Viewer for display of digital photos
• Energy Star qualified


RATING: 3.8/5.0

Welcome to a review on Sanyo’s DP-861 Series, Internet Ready 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV. The Sanyo DP-861 series is 1080p 60Hz Internet Connected HDTV. It features a brilliant 1080p Full HD picture for your viewing pleasure. Use the included USB adapter to connect wirelessly to the Internet. The wide screen of the 1080p LCD HDTV provides for wide viewing angles. There are two 6 x 12 cm speakers with 10 w/channels which make for a great quality sound output.

With the help of the Internet Connected HDTV you can view more than 191 channels if you are currently subscribed to an HD service. When internet is connected with a high speed ISP subscription, this model is able to download Vudu/Netflix movies and socially network through Twitter and Facebook. The digital tuner is also Digital Clear QAM, capable of receiving unscrambled digital cable and off air digital broadcasts.

You will receive a smart remote control with this series, part number GXGA, which will aide you in working and searching all the features and menu options.

There are mixed reviews on the DP-861 series on picture quality and long lasting issues. Some stated that after a while of use, the picture goes dark on one side. Other reviews rave about the picture so it might be a fluke with a few models, but something all seem to agree with is the price being affordable for a 42” and 46” class size that this series comes in.

• Full HD 1080p
• Internet connection
• Smart Remote

• Picture quality issues after use

LCD 1080p/60Hz Internet Ready HDTV W/Digital Clear Tuner
• DP42861
• DP46861

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Onkyo TX-SR313 5.1-Channel 3-D Ready Home Theater Receiver


• 5-channel amplifier
• 65 watts per channel
• Front panel USB port
• 4 in/1 out HDMI ports
• 3D-ready HDMI inputs
• 40 AM/FM presets
• Music optimizer
• 2 year warranty


RATING: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Onkyo TX-SR313 5.1-Channel 3-D Ready Home Theater Receiver. Considered an entry level receiver, the TX-SR313 offers many useful features for the low price tag. The receiver is solidly built, compact and stylish. Being that it is an entry level receiver, it is best suited for small to mid-sized rooms. It is equipped with 4 HDMI inputs to easily connect your TV, gaming console, blue ray player, cable box or any other HDMI capable device. The front panel houses a USB port where you can connect your iPhone, iPod or flash drive to stream your music and videos. 40 preset channels are conveniently provided for you to store your favorite radio stations. Its interface is very easy and straightforward to use and set-up is simple with the interactive on-screen display and labels that are provided for your connections. One note of irritation among users is that Onkyo provides the user manual on CD instead of providing it in printed form.

The part # for the remote control is RC-799M and will help you navigate through all the features with ease.

The HDMI connections support 3D video from your 3D-ready Blu-ray player and will output the video signal in 3D to your HDTV. The gaming enthusiast will have plenty of options as the receiver has 4 gaming modes: Rock, Sports, Action, and role playing. The sound quality provided by the TX-SR313 has clarity, power and a deep bass that is not overwhelming. Some minor drawbacks as noted by users are that the instructions provided need to be more clear for the novice user who has never set-up a receiver, the buttons on the front panel are not lit and there is no HDMI conversion from analog inputs and no phono input. Though entry level, and basic in features, the power and sound quality of this receiver is noteworthy and worth the very reasonable price.

• Inexpensive
• Excellent power and sound quality for entry level receiver
• Several HDMI inputs
• Support 3D format

• Not wifi or bluetooth capable
• No printed manual
• No HDMI conversion from analog inputs

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• XLR balanced connection (11 channel PRE OUT and 2 channel input)
• ESS Technology ES9016 SABRE32 Ultra DACs for all channels including front and rear presence channels
• Cinema DSP HD3 with 33 DSP programs
• High density presence and richly detailed sound ensured by high sound quality parts and design
• Specially designed high rigidity chassis eliminates the effects of vibration for greater sound purity
• MHL supports full HD video and audio from mobile phones and portable devices
• Network functions such as AirPlay® and AV Controller App
• Access to Pandora®, Rhapsody® and SiriusXM music streaming service
• FLAC or WAV 192 kHz / 24-bit audio playback
• Ultra HD (4K) pass-through and up-scaling
• High-resolution Music Enhancer
• HDMI: 8 inputs (1 on front) / 2 outputs with 3D and Audio Return Channel
• Full LED backlight learning and preset remote unit
• Versatile zone control up to four zones including Party Mode

REMOTE: ZF729700

RATING: 5.0/5.0

Welcome to a review of Yamaha’s CX-A5000, 11.2 CH AV PRE AMPLIFIER. The 11.2 channel AV preamplifier is at the pinnacle of the AVENTAGE Series. Superb sound quality combined with fine craftsmanship ensures, per Yamaha, an unequalled listening experience. Latest technologies include high rigidity chassis, ESS Technology ES9016 SABRE32 Ultra DACs and reliable balanced connection.

The CX-A5000 utilizes top of the line engineering and technology, as well as traditional craftsmanship, for pure sound reproduction. Making full use of CINEMA DSP HD3, the pinnacle of three-dimensional sound field reproduction, it realizes detailed, accurate sound imaging. Used with the MX-A5000 11.2 channel power amplifier, it achieves overwhelming silence and sound filled with dynamic feeling. It also offers advanced video processing technology, versatile network capability with a wide range of content access and app control, along with flexible system configuration that benefits from advanced HDMI® zone switching.

This AV receiver provides a variety of network functions that enable you to access more sources and also enhance operation. You can connect the receiver to a PC to enjoy Internet radio, Pandora®, Rhapsody® and SiriusXM Internet Radio and operate your system via the WebBrowser Control. The AV Controller App (from iTunes or Google Play) lets you control various functions from your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android phones/tablets. Plus you will receive an easy to use remote control, part number ZF729700, to assist with the adjustments to get the quality sound you are seeking.

Consumers are saying that this unit is superb in both its craftsmanship and sound reproduction. Movie soundtracks are clear and immersive in sound. Hooking up the unit is very intuitive and its working functionality is easy to understand and use. People looking at this model know the price they are expecting to pay so that is not a surprise.

• Easy to set up and use
• Low power consumption
• Quality construction

• None as of yet – still very new


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