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HITACHI LE32V407 32 inch 1080p LED HDTV

• 1080p High definition resolution
• 60 Hz refresh rate
• Dolby Digital Technology
• High efficiency liquid crystal display
• 2 HDMI inputs
• 1 USB port
• PicturePerfect Video Processor
• Sleep timer

REMOTE: 098003063100

RATING: 3.7 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Hitachi LE32V407 32 inch 1080p LED HDTV. This model is affordably priced and basic in its features. Its small screen size, based on the large screens that are so popular today, make it a good fit for smaller rooms like an office, bedroom or even a kitchen. Like most flat screen TVs, the LE32V407 is thin and stylish, with clean lines. The set-up is easy and quick with custom input labels. Equipped with a clear anti-glare screen, it helps to reduce glare created from any light source in a room while watching TV. Fitted with 2 HDMI inputs, a Blu-ray player, cable/satellite box, gaming console or other HDMI compatible equipment can be connected. Unfortunately, an HDMI cable is not included. The USB port, with a photo viewer and slideshow capabilities, allows you to enjoy viewing images stored on a connected USB-enabled device such as a flash drive.

The remote control part number for this model is 098003063100 and is a standard TV remote.

Because the resolution is 1080p, you will experience picture quality that is clear, and crisp, with vibrant, dynamic colors and images that are so realistic, you will feel like you are one with the picture. Being that the refresh rate for this model is 60Hz, it is probably not the best choice of TV for gaming enthusiasts since higher refresh rates render less motion blur, necessary for excellent, fast action game playing. Fitted with 2 speakers at 10 watts each and Dolby Digital Technology, the sound quality is pretty good, however, many users are looking for theater-like sound therefore add a soundbar or receiver to enhance the sound quality. If you are looking for a smart TV with the latest technology, this is not the TV for you. If, however, you are searching for a basic TV that is affordable, with great performance, then you should consider this model.

• Inexpensive
• High definition resolution
• Dolby digital technology
• High efficiency liquid crystal display

• Not a smart TV
• Only 60hz refresh rate

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