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Yamaha CD-N500 Network CD Player

• Multi-source Audio player that allows you to enjoy a wide variety of music sources
• USB Digital Connection for iPod®, iPhone®, iPad® and USB devices
• NP Controller App for operating various functions from iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet and Kindle Fire
• The App’s Music Play function allows locally stored music content from a smartphone or tablet to be streamed to the CD-N500
• Burr-Brown high precision 192 KHz / 32-bit DAC
• Gapless playback eliminates pauses between tracks (classical, live albums) when transmitted from a network source
• Advanced network audio features, support for the FLAC 192 KHz / 24-bit and
• Apple Lossless formats and high reliability cultivated over many years of experience
• High-quality audio design that’s meticulous about sound, using carefully selected parts
• Pure Direct mode – For highest quality audio output

REMOTE: ZF921300

RATING: 5.0/5.0

Welcome to a review of Yamaha’s CD-N500, Network CD Player. The CD-N500 is designed for people who want a high-end two-channel source that can handle both their existing CD collection and their newer digital music collection. The CD-N500 is a CD player and network audio player in a single unit. In addition to your own CDs, it is simple to play audio sources downloaded from the Internet and stored on a PC or NAS system. And the special NP Controller app allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes on a smartphone or tablet device via wireless connection using Music Play.

The CD-N500 provides a USB port on the front panel for quick connection of an iPod, iPhone, iPad or USB drive. You will have instant access to all your stored music and the digital connection ensures that you hear it with the highest possible sound quality.

Per Yamaha, this CD player beautifully reproduces all sources as they were meant to be heard and has a design sense based on the Yamaha Hi-Fi concept. The aluminum front panel, with its simple yet high-quality hairline finish, features a top-grade design with a rotary encoder that’s convenient for network audio control. With your model you will receive an easy to use remote control, part number ZF921300. You can adjust the settings to listen to the sounds to make it your own experience.

Consumers are saying “once again, Yamaha creates a hit”. The CD-N500 seems to be a hit out on the market. This is a purchase that will provide you with good quality entertainment for years to come.

• Multi-source Audio player
• App’s Music Play
• Great sound

• Doesn’t have ffwd/rew in FLAC files, only track skip
• No rear USB, only a front USP port


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