Samsung LED FH6030F Series 2D/3D

• Stunning Full HD 1080p in both 2D and 3D
• CMR of 240 for Smooth Motion Performance
• Wide Color Enhancer Plus
• Energy Star Certified
• 2 HDMI and 1 USB ports

REMOTE: AA59-00601A

RATING: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Welcome to a review of the Samsung LED FH6030 Series 2D/3D. This 1080p HDTV provides excellent picture quality, with a 120 Hz refresh rate which is better for general viewing. Also offered is the 3D Cinema experience. This 3D TV is a great choice for those who are less interested in the internet features and apps of a Smart TV and more concerned with picture quality. Since this series is not a smart TV, the price is more affordable. Those who wish to connect their laptops, Xbox, or PlayStation to the TV for streaming purposes have found this TV more economical as the consensus of these users say the Smart aspect of the TV would not really be put to use.

The remote control part number for this series is the AA59-00601A. This illuminated remote control will provide every basic function that a remote needs for a TV.

The sound quality of this series is not as great as it could be, but has definitely been recommended that investing in a sound bar would help enhance your entertainment experience. Although not a Smart TV, the FH6030F series makes up for it in picture quality and is affordable – definitely worth looking into purchasing.

• 3-D
• Cheaper than Smart TV’s
• Excellent picture

• Sound quality is not the best
• Off angle viewing is limited

• UN40FH6030F
• UN46FH6030F
• UN55FH6030F

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