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Westinghouse UW32SC1W 720p 60hz LED HDTV Welcome to a review of the Westinghouse UW32SC1W LED HDTV. With its slim, modern design and large viewing area, this model is a bargain. With 720p high definition resolution, you get a very clear, crisp picture with bright, vibrant colors. This model is excellent for the avid gamer as it not only offers excellent picture quality but does not blur with lots of movement usually required with high energy action games. A computer can also be attached, turning your TV into a monitor. Due to its wide vertical and horizontal angles, watching TV or playing games from anywhere in the room is possible. A dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1 ensures that you will get the best picture quality possible. If you want to make sure that your children do not watch TV programs intended for adults only, a parental control option is available for you to set the parameters.


The remote control that comes with this TV is the RMT-22.


The sound quality, while not the best on the market, is adequate. To further enhance the sound quality, a sound bar, speakers or sound system can be attached. For the price, this TV with its excellent picture quality and other features is a bargain you don't want to miss.

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