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HISENSE K360M SERIES 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV Welcome to a review of Hisense’s K360M Series, 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV. Hisense states to witness the entire RCG spectrum brought to life on your screen. The K360M series brings you exceptionally vibrant and true-to-life images delivered just as the director imagined. With 1080p full high definition resolution and 60Hz refresh rate, the images are so life-like, it feels like you are really there. The 1,080 horizontal lines create stunning details and crystal-clear, vibrant colors to create a brilliantly realistic picture.


Hisense invites you to uncover hidden colors and details with the K360M series. Ultra Dynamic Contrast will allow you to obtain a high contrast ratio, which gives you "blacker" blacks and brighter colors.


Connect your mobile device to start Multi Screening with your TV. Display pictures, movies or access Apps from your smartphone and display it all on your big screen. Get the guided help from the fully functional remote control that comes with the K360M series, part number EN-22653A.


Overall, this is still considered a budget HDTV and there has been some discontent from consumers on the quality of the picture, stating it was grainy and has poor viewing angles. This series comes in two sizes, a 40” and 46” class and the price is something no one is complaining about.

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