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Westinghouse EW32S5KW 720p 60hz LED HDTV Welcome to a review of the Westinghouse EW32S5KW LED HDTV. This Westinghouse model features a slim, contemporary design that will easily fit on any wall or space in your home. Its light weight makes it effortless for almost anyone to mount and set-up. There are 2 HDMI inputs located on the side of the set where you can hook up your PC, sound system, or gaming console. There is also a port for you to connect headphones. The USB port is used only to upgrade software, there is no internet connectivity. The quality of the images that this model delivers is excellent for a 720p resolution TV. The colors are bright and vivid, and images are crystal clear. A few consumers have noticed occasional dead pixels whereby a return can be made for another TV.


The remote used for this model is RMT-17.


The sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. It is adequate but not of the highest standards. This occurs frequently with many slim, flat screen TVs. To resolve this issue speakers or good quality sound system can be attached to one of the HDMI inputs. Once your sound system is attached, the sound quality will be greatly improved and will enhance your TV viewing experience.


On the down side, in any given lot of TVs sold, there will be a handful that are duds and stop working within a minimal timeframe, sometimes within weeks. To avoid this headache, it would be wise to purchase a warranty, therefore you are covered should you be the buyer of one of these poorly manufactured TVs. Overall, this model is a good bargain.

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