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Sony STR-DH540 5.2-channel 4K A/V Receiver Welcome to a review of the Sony STR-DH540 5.2-channel 4K A/V Receiver. Sony's STR-DH540 is an entry-level receiver which lacks WiFi, and bluetooth connectivity but is more than adequate with the amazing sound quality that it delivers. It looks like a typical black box receiver with buttons on the front. The settings are very easy to control and adjust. The feature that automatically calibrates your speakers is effortless and takes only minutes. Simply connect the microphone that comes enclosed, take the microphone to where you will be sitting when watching TV and follow the instructions. It will optimize the sound of each speaker based on the distance, delays and the placement of your speakers. It's that simple! The USB port is located up front to connect an iPHone/iPad and play music, videos, and charge your device at the same time. The 4 HDMI inputs are located at the back where you can connect a blu-ray, gaming console, cable box and any other HDMI compatible device.


The part# for the remote control that comes with this reciever is RM-AAU168. It is easy to use and navigate.


Once adjustments and calibration have been completed for the speakers, you will be able to enjoy the clarity, richness and depth of the sound quality. The bass will not blow you out of the water since this receiver has limited wattage, but for a small to medium sized room, it is perfect. This receiver has 3D pass-through therefore is compatible with any 3D movie, video game or other 3D content. It is also equipped with 4K pass-through which will give you 4 times the current 1080p resolution, the newest in technology advancements, with 4K compatible TVs and other devices coming out on the market in the near future. Therefore your receiver will already be compatible with the newest technology coming down the pike. For the bargain price, you can't go wrong with this receiver.

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