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    Price: $64.99



    Or, also available is the optional FULL FUNCTION REMOTE CONTROL (AKB74475401)

    This remote will work the following models:

    40LF6300 40LF6300UA 40LF6300UA 40LF6300-UA 40LF6300-UA 40LF6350 40LF6350 40LF6350DB 40LF6350DB 40LF6350-DB 40LF6350-DB 40LF6350SB 40LF6350SB 40LF6350-SB 40LF6350-SB 40LF635T 40LF635T 40LF635TDB 40LF635TDB 40LF635T-DB 40LF635T-DB 40UF7700 40UF770T 40UF770TTA 40UF770T-TA 40UF770V 40UF770VTA 40UF770V-TA 40UF770Y 40UF770YTA 40UF770Y-TA 42LF6400 42LF6400 42LF6400DA 42LF6400DA 42LF6400-DA 42LF6400-DA 42LF6400SA 42LF6400SA 42LF6400-SA 42LF6400-SA 42LF640T 42LF640T 42LF640TDA 42LF640TDA 42LF640T-DA 42LF640T-DA 42LF6450 42LF6450 42LF6450DA 42LF6450DA 42LF6450-DA 42LF6450-DA 42LF6450SA 42LF6450SA 42LF6450-SA 42LF6450-SA 42LF645T 42LF645T 42LF645TDA 42LF645TDA 42LF645T-DA 42LF645T-DA 42LF6500 42LF6500 42LF6500 42LF6500 42LF6500 42LF6500DB 42LF6500DB 42LF6500-DB 42LF6500-DB 42LF6500SB 42LF6500SB 42LF6500-SB 42LF6500-SB 42LF6500SD 42LF6500SD 42LF6500-SD 42LF6500-SD 42LF6500UB 42LF6500UB 42LF6500UB 42LF6500-UB 42LF6500-UB 42LF6500-UB 42LF650T 42LF650T 42LF650TDB 42LF650TDB 42LF650T-DB 42LF650T-DB 43LF6300 43LF6300UA 43LF6300UA 43LF6300-UA 43LF6300-UA 43LF6350 43LF6350 43LF6350DB 43LF6350DB 43LF6350-DB 43LF6350-DB 43LF6350SB 43LF6350SB 43LF6350-SB 43LF6350-SB 43LF635T 43LF635T 43LF635TDB 43LF635TDB 43LF635T-DB 43LF635T-DB 43UF6900 43UF7300 43UF7590 43UF7600 43UF7600UJ 43UF7600-UJ 43UF7700 43UF770T 43UF770TTA 43UF770T-TA 43UF770V 43UF770VTA 43UF770V-TA 43UF770Y 43UF770YTA 43UF770Y-TA 49LF6300 49LF6300UA 49LF6300UA 49LF6300-UA 49LF6300-UA 49LF6350 49LF6350 49LF6350DB 49LF6350DB 49LF6350-DB 49LF6350-DB 49LF6350SB 49LF6350SB 49LF6350-SB 49LF6350-SB 49LF635T 49LF635T 49LF635TDB 49LF635TDB 49LF635T-DB 49LF635T-DB 49LF6400 49LF6400 49LF6400DA 49LF6400DA 49LF6400-DA 49LF6400-DA 49LF6400SA 49LF6400SA 49LF6400-SA 49LF6400-SA 49LF640T 49LF640T 49LF640TDA 49LF640TDA 49LF640T-DA 49LF640T-DA 49LF6450 49LF6450 49LF6450DA 49LF6450DA 49LF6450-DA 49LF6450-DA 49LF6450SA 49LF6450SA 49LF6450-SA 49LF6450-SA 49LF645T 49LF645T 49LF645TDA 49LF645TDA 49LF645T-DA 49LF645T-DA 49LF7700 49UF6900 49UF7300 49UF7590 49UF7600 49UF7600UJ 49UF7600-UJ 49UF770T 49UF770TTA 49UF770T-TA 49UF770V 49UF770VTA 49UF770V-TA 49UF770Y 49UF770YTA 49UF770Y-TA 49UF850T 49UF850TTB 49UF850T-TB 49UF850Y 49UF850YTB 49UF850Y-TB 49UF851T 49UF851TTC 49UF851T-TC 49UF851Y 49UF851YTC 49UF851Y-TC 50LF6500 50LF6500 50LF6500 50LF6500DB 50LF6500DB 50LF6500-DB 50LF6500-DB 50LF6500SB 50LF6500SB 50LF6500-SB 50LF6500-SB 50LF6500SD 50LF6500SD 50LF6500-SD 50LF6500-SD 50LF6500UB 50LF6500UB 50LF6500UB 50LF6500-UB 50LF6500-UB 50LF6500-UB 50LF650T 50LF650T 50LF650TDB 50LF650TDB 50LF650T-DB 50LF650T-DB 50UF8300 50UF8300A 55EF9500 55EG9100 55EG9100UB 55EG9100-UB 55EG9200 55EG9600 55LF6300 55LF6300UA 55LF6300UA 55LF6300-UA 55LF6300-UA 55LF6350 55LF6350 55LF6350DB 55LF6350DB 55LF6350-DB 55LF6350-DB 55LF6350SB 55LF6350SB 55LF6350-SB 55LF6350-SB 55LF635T 55LF635T 55LF635TDB 55LF635TDB 55LF635T-DB 55LF635T-DB 55LF6500 55LF6500 55LF6500 55LF6500DB 55LF6500DB 55LF6500-DB 55LF6500-DB 55LF6500SB 55LF6500SB 55LF6500-SB 55LF6500-SB 55LF6500SD 55LF6500SD 55LF6500-SD 55LF6500-SD 55LF6500UB 55LF6500UB 55LF6500UB 55LF6500-UB 55LF6500-UB 55LF6500-UB 55LF650T 55LF650T 55LF650TDB 55LF650TDB 55LF650T-DB 55LF650T-DB 55LF7700 55UF7300 55UF7590 55UF7600 55UF7600UJ 55UF7600-UJ 55UF770T 55UF770TTA 55UF770T-TA 55UF770V 55UF770VTA 55UF770V-TA 55UF770Y 55UF770YTA 55UF770Y-TA 55UF8500 55UF850T 55UF850TTB 55UF850T-TB 55UF850Y 55UF850YTB 55UF850Y-TB 55UF851T 55UF851TTC 55UF851T-TC 55UF851Y 55UF851YTC 55UF851Y-TC 55UF8600 55UF9500 55UG8700 58UF8300 60LF6300 60LF6300UA 60LF6300UA 60LF6300-UA 60LF6300-UA 60LF6350 60LF6350 60LF6350DB 60LF6350DB 60LF6350-DB 60LF6350-DB 60LF6350SB 60LF6350SB 60LF6350-SB 60LF6350-SB 60LF635T 60LF635T 60LF635TDB 60LF635TDB 60LF635T-DB 60LF635T-DB 60LF6390 60LF6390 60LF6390UA 60LF6390UA 60LF6390-UA 60LF6390-UA 60LF6500 60LF6500 60LF6500DB 60LF6500DB 60LF6500-DB 60LF6500-DB 60LF6500SB 60LF6500SB 60LF6500-SB 60LF6500-SB 60LF6500SD 60LF6500SD 60LF6500-SD 60LF6500-SD 60LF650T 60LF650T 60LF650TDB 60LF650TDB 60LF650T-DB 60LF650T-DB 60UF7300 60UF7300 60UF7650 60UF7690 60UF7700 60UF770T 60UF770TTA 60UF770T-TA 60UF770V 60UF770VTA 60UF770V-TA 60UF770Y 60UF770YTA 60UF770Y-TA 60UF8500 60UF850T 60UF850TTB 60UF850T-TB 60UF850Y 60UF850YTB 60UF850Y-TB 60UF851T 60UF851TTC 60UF851T-TC 60UF851Y 60UF851YTC 60UF851Y-TC 65EF9500 65EF9500UA 65EF9500-UA 65EG9600 65LF6300 65LF6300UA 65LF6300UA 65LF6300-UA 65LF6300-UA 65LF6350 65LF6350UA 65LF6350-UA 65LF6390 65LF6390 65LF6390UA 65LF6390UA 65LF6390-UA 65LF6390-UA 65UF7300 65UF7650 65UF7690 65UF7690UH 65UF7690-UH 65UF7700 65UF770T 65UF770TTA 65UF770T-TA 65UF770V 65UF770VTA 65UF770V-TA 65UF770Y 65UF770YTA 65UF770Y-TA 65UF8500 65UF850T 65UF850TTB 65UF850T-TB 65UF850Y 65UF850YTB 65UF850Y-TB 65UF851T 65UF851TTC 65UF851T-TC 65UF851Y 65UF851YTC 65UF851Y-TC 65UF8600 65UF9500 65UG8700 70LF7200 70LF7200 70LF7200SA 70LF7200SA 70LF7200-SA 70LF7200-SA 70UF7300 70UF7300 70UF7650 70UF7700 70UF770T 70UF770TTA 70UF770T-TA 70UF770V 70UF770VTA 70UF770V-TA 70UF770Y 70UF770YTA 70UF770Y-TA 79UF7700 79UF7700UB 79UF7700-UB 79UF9500

    Shipping – We receive hundreds of orders a day at RemoteControls.com. We do our best to ship them the same day you order via USPS. We know how frustrating it is to be without your remote.

    Return Policy – We have a 30 day return policy for any reason. We understand that sometimes your old remote magically reappears (check those couch cushions) a few weeks after you order. So if you return the remote a few days after the 30 days - no problem.