PHILIPS-MAGNAVOX 313923812541 (RC2888/01) Remote Control

PHILIPS-MAGNAVOX 313923812541 (RC2888/01) Remote Control

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    Price: $7.99

    Was: $14.95 (47% off)


    BRAND NEW ORIGINAL PHILIPS-MAGNAVOX 313923812541 TV REMOTE CONTROL (313923811591)(RC19335027/01)(RC2888/01)

    For Master set-up remote click HERE

    Hotel Owners or Hospital Administrator - other less expensive Guest room options, try the CLEAN REMOTE


    26HF5544D 26HF5544D/17 26HF5544D/27 26HF5544D/27B 26HF5544D17 26HF5544D27 26HF5544D27B 26HF5545D 26HF5545D/27 26HF5545D/27B 26HF5545D27 26HF5545D27B 26HF7945D 26HF7945D/27 26HF7945D/27B 26HF7945D27 26HF7945D27B 26HF7955H 26HF7955H/27 26HF7955H/27B 26HF7955H27 26HF7955H27B 26HFL5561L/27 26HFL5561L27 26HFL5561V/27 26HFL5561V27 26HFL5830D 26HFL5830D/27 26HFL5830D/27B 26HFL5830D27 26HFL5830D27B 26HW9100D 26HW9100D/27 26HW9100D/27B 26HW9100D27 26HW9100D27B 27HT4000D 27HT4000D/27 27HT4000D/27B 27HT4000D27 27HT4000D27B 27HT7210D 27HT7210D/27 27HT7210D/27B 27HT7210D27 27HT7210D27B 30HW9100D 30HW9100D/27 30HW9100D/27B 30HW9100D27 30HW9100D27B 32HF5545D 32HF5545D/27 32HF5545D/27B 32HF5545D27 32HF5545D27B 32HF7543/37 32HF7543/37B 32HF754337 32HF754337B 32HF7543D 32HF7544D 32HF7544D/27 32HF7544D/27B 32HF7544D27 32HF7544D27B 32HF7945D 32HF7945D/27 32HF7945D/27B 32HF7945D27 32HF7945D27B 32HF7955H 32HF7955H/27 32HF7955H/27B 32HF7955H27 32HF7955H27B 32HF7965D 32HF7965D/27 32HF7965D/27B 32HF7965D/27E 32HF7965D27 32HF7965D27B 32HF7965D27E 32HFL4441D/27 32HFL4441D27 32HFL4461F/27 32HFL4461F27 32HFL5460D/27 32HFL5460D27 32HFL5460S/27 32HFL5460S27 32HFL5561D/27 32HFL5561D27 32HFL5561L/27 32HFL5561L27 32HFL5561V/27 32HFL5561V27 32HFL5860D 32HFL5860D/27 32HFL5860D/27B 32HFL5860D27 32HFL5860D27B 32HFL5860H 32HFL5860H/27 32HFL5860H/27B 32HFL5860H27 32HFL5860H27B 37HF7543 37HF7543/37 37HF7543/37B 37HF754337 37HF754337B 37HF7544D 37HF7544D/27 37HF7544D/27B 37HF7544D27 37HF7544D27B 37HFL4481F/27 37HFL4481F27 37HFL5560D 37HFL5560D/27 37HFL5560D/27B 37HFL5560D27 37HFL5560D27B 37HFL5581D/27 37HFL5581D27 37HFL5581L/27 37HFL5581L27 37HFL5581V/27 37HFL5581V/F7 37HFL5581V27 37HFL5581VF7 37HFL5861D/27 42HF7543 42HF7543/37B 42HF754337B 42HF7544D 42HF7544D/27 42HF7544D/27B 42HF7544D27 42HF7544D27B 42HF7544R 42HF7544R/27 42HF7544R/27B 42HF7544R27 42HF7544R27B 42HF7945D 42HF7945D/27 42HF7945D/27B 42HF7945D27 42HF7945D27B 42HFL5581L/27 42HFL5581L27 42HFL5581V/27 42HFL5581V27 42HFL5860D 42HFL5860D/27 42HFL5860D/27B 42HFL5860D27 42HFL5860D27B 42HFL5860S/27 42HFL5860S27 42HFL7580A 42HFL7580A/27 42HFL7580A/27B 42HFL7580A27 42HFL7580A27B 43HF7543/37 43HF754337 52HFL5580D 52HFL5580D/27 52HFL5580D/27B 52HFL5580D27 52HFL5580D27B 52HFL5581L/27 52HFL5581L27 52HFL5581V/27 52HFL5581V27

    Shipping – We receive hundreds of orders a day at We do our best to ship them the same day you order via USPS. We know how frustrating it is to be without your remote.

    Return Policy – We have a 30 day return policy for any reason. We understand that sometimes your old remote magically reappears (check those couch cushions) a few weeks after you order. So if you return the remote a few days after the 30 days - no problem.